A picture speaks a thousand words!

They say that a picture can speak a thousand words. I couldn’t agree more. This picture was taken on a trip to Mozambique,Africa. Two girls were  watching us with interest as we were eating at a local restaurant.  They were speaking in Portuguese and the older sister was too scared to come and talk to us. But her younger sister was not afraid at all and came up to Nadine.
She was yapping along in Portuguese and kept on pointing at Nadine’s mouth. Not knowing what she was saying we asked the tour guide to translate. She wanted to know why Nadine had shiny things on her teeth! After the guide explained to her that it was braces she went to ask her Dad to also buy her some. She was adorable.
She came back a little while later and wanted the girls to play with her.

I have been fortunate to have done quite a bit of travelling over the last 10 years. By heart I am an adventurer and I love exploring new places, cultures and food. Travelling can become stressful and expensive. Over the years I have learnt to travel as cost effective as possible, simply by travelling more clever. Nelmitravel.com is a Adventure and Budget Travel site where I review Airlines, Accommodation, Transport, Restaurants and give helpful travel information.


  1. This is so sweet…I love that kids still have that sense of fascination and awe…so many adults have lost that and it is what keeps us in a state of self discovery. Thanks for sharing…You get around…LOLPeaces~Deanne

  2. Thanks Deanne, it was a wonderful moment that I will treasure forever. I agree we should always appreciate the small things in life 🙂 I am passionate about travelling and like to share what I have seen and experienced. Love and peace to you and Happy holidays 🙂

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