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In 2010 I joined the masses and started a travel blog. Social Networks were buzzing with people who wanted to write about anything that interested them. The idea when I started was to write about all my travel experiences. I love travelling and wanted to share some of the places that I have visited with the rest of the world.

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Nelieta Mishchenko – The Author of

Who knows, somebody out there might find it interesting!

When I started to write I used a free account from Blogger. When I entered the second year of Blogging I saw the need to get my own domain and I moved over to the WordPress Platform. Instead of going self-hosted right away, I stayed a little longer with a free account, until I entered the second year of Blogging.

many changes on the blog of nelmitravel

This was also the year when many things changed on I went self-hosted and changed the direction of my travel blog to a full blown travel site. I still share my own travel experiences with my readers but I also incorporate a lot of travel tips for travellers.

advertising opportunities on Nelmitravel

Advertising opportunities arouse and I had to jack up the lay-out of my site as well as working on the SEO. SEO has become such a big part of my writing and takes up a lot of my time. In fact, some days I believe it is a full time job! Do I love it? Yes!

Sadly many of the people who started Blogging with me in 2010 stopped writing. I found a niche and I am trying to explore it. I write and Publish three articles per week and focus a lot on branding.

Soon I will be entering my 7th year of Blogging and I am looking forward to see what changes will happen. There is always work to be done, places to be seen and articles to be written!



Thank you for visiting. Have a fabulous day!

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