Explore Córdoba city by bus – City Tour

The City Tour Bus with Iglesia Catedral in the background

If you have been to London then you must have taken a Red City Bus tour. It is a great way to explore the city. Well, Córdoba city in Argentina is not quite London but they do have a red double decker bus that takes you on a tour through the city.

Over the years I came to like these city tours. It gives a nice overview of the city and you have some time to orientate yourself. You see most of the highlights of the city and maybe something that you would like to explore in more detail.

The tour starts from the very famous Plaza San Martin. You cannot miss it as it is opposite the Tourist Office as well as the famous landmark, Iglesia Catedral. The bus is painted a bright red with McDonalds written on the side. You honestly cannot miss it.

The bus only runs at 11am and at 5pm but to be on the safe side check with the Tourist Office as the times may change without notice. Also take note that parts of the city may close for siesta.

The tour comes with a guide who can speak English and Spanish. During the tour the guide will  tell the history of the city as well as pointing out important landmarks and architecture.
Places that you will see on the tour include the following:

  • The City Hall and other important Government Buildings
  • Founder Monument
  • Ángela Tower
  • Italy Square
  • La Cañada Stream
  • Paseo del Marqués de Sobremonte
  • Intendance Square with a huge glass structure

Where: Corner of Independencia and San Jerónimo Streets in Cordoba Capital, Argentina


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