Exploring Warsaw!

We got up early this morning. I felt rested but could do with more sleep. But I am too curious to see everything and will never forgive myself if I sleep too much! I mean this is Warsaw and I have to explore it!

It was still cold in Warsaw and we needed to wrap up warm. I love the elegance of the city. People dress very nicely and stylish. It is such a far cry from the way people dress in Argentina. Argentina is much more casual. But I loved it.

Once we started walking I was surprised to see how much the city has to offer. For me the old town was fascinating. We spend a good couple of hours there. You might think it is touristy because it is recommended in the guide books but I never thought it touristy at all. Musicians were making music in the old town and I even saw a toontrack ez drummer at musicians friend that made me smile.

The driver with his horse and carriage.

In fact it doesn’t look like an “old town” at all. It is amazing to think that most of the buildings have been destroyed in WWII and that they have been rebuilt from photographs!

If you are a photographer or if you enjoy taking photos then you will have ample of opportunities in this charming part of the city. Andrey and I couldn’t take enough photos of the people, buildings and in a way we were trying to capture the atmosphere. The horse drawn carriage with his driver was a very good example of a great photo opportunity. I also had a wonderful moment when liquorice was on sale in the market. Andrey went to buy us some and I captured a beautiful photo of a girl who just bought a very colourful piece of liquorice. I will never forget the smile on her face!

Thinking about it there is so much to keep you busy. If you are tired of taking pictures, you can always sit on a bench and watch the people or pop into a restaurant for a nice snack or coffee. We took a walk to see the beautiful Royal Castle. We walked from Zamkowsky Square to explore some old medieval places. There are many churches and monuments to visit.

Actors were entertaining people in the street and one wanted to “behead” Andrey. It was funny because he told me if Andrey does not behave I need to send him back!

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