Gordons Bay South Africa

Gordons Bay is an idyllic, little coastal town about 25 minutes from Cape Town city. Gordons Bay is on the eastern end of False Bay and you have a wonderful view of the Helderberge (mountains) and the wine lands. This picturesque town has white beaches, soft sand, rocks, pools and calm seas. It is one of my favourite places in the Cape Province.
The beaches are lovely but I must warn you that the water is very cold. This however do not prevent people from having a swim! I think they are crazy but they obviously love it!
I am very fortunate because my parents live in Gordons Bay and over the years I have often visited them them for a weekend or during the December holidays. What fond memories I have of my time there. For people who don’t know me, I am fascinated by sailboats. I can sit at the harbor for hours and look at them. There is something misterious about sailboats and they make me feel calm. Don’t ask me why. I suppose it is a combination of the ocean, sound of the waves and the sail boats that are lying still in te water, that has a calming effect the soul.

I often used to ask my father to take me to the harbor and leave me there. Armed with my camera I would wait for the sunset and photograph the sailboats with the sunset in the background. I thoroughly enjoyed that!!! Or we would walk down to the beach, buy ice cream and look at the sunset. 

There are some magnificent restaurants in Gordons Bay. One of my favourite restaurants is at the harbor. Massive windows overlook the ocean and you can hear the waves splashing on the rocks. They have delicious seafood and wine. It is definitely one of my favourites. The Restaurant is called Harbour Lights..of course I will be writing about them so watch the space!
There are many things to do in and around Gordons Bay. You can visit wine farms, pick strawberries, go shark cage diving, play golf, fishing and whale watching in season. You can hike or just relax at the wonderful beaches. Or you could go down to the Mother city for other adventures.
My dad has a deep sea fishing boat and in summer you cannot drag him away from the ocean. I politley declined every time because I am not built to be on a ship. I get very sea sick! I went out with my Dad twice and I have vowed never again! The photo at the top is me on my last sea adventure!


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