A big welcome to the home page of Nelmitravel – Budget Travel.

Nelieta Mishchenko is the author and owner of Nelmitravel.com. She has been blogging since 2010 and have aquired Nelmitravel.com in 2012 after going self-hosted.

What is Nelmitravel.com about?

This is a budget travel site that focus on adventure and economic travel for couples, singles and woman. Nelieta also explores different cultures and believe it is very important to  get a feel for other cultures when travelling. She often publishes recipies of different food and articles about culture differences.

One of the things that is very prominent in her articles is the budget travel advice and tips that she give to fellow travellers. As a frequent traveller she feels it is important to review accommodation, airlines, restaurants, tourist attractions and any other important information that could help other travellers.

Nelieta is currently living in Argentina and is no stranger to foreign countries and customs. She has lived many years in South Africa and a couple of months in Russia. She is also a keen photographer and many of her travel photos appear on her own travel site – nelmiphotography.com. She invites you to take a look at her galleries.

She is also a familiar face on Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest and other expat forums. If you are planning a trip to Argentina, South Africa or Russia, please feel free to contact her directly. Nelieta is always ready to help other travellers with information and tips. Did I mention that she is running a hostel in Argentina with her husband Andrey? Yes, they are managing a small hostel in the countryside in Argentina close to Cordoba – Hostel Tinktinkie. If you are in the area, pop in and have a chat.

Thank you for visiting. Have a fabulous day!

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