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I am not a fan of television and at home I don`t watch it. Another reason is also because we don`t have Direct TV. Whatever we want to watch we get from YouTube or other download links. However, when we were in Russia we watched TV every day. Why you may ask if  I don`t like it. Well, first it was the Euro Cup and then the Olympics so I didn`t have much of a choice.

Andrey is a sport fanatic and he loved watching the events. I enjoyed it but if I didn`t see it, it wouldn`t have been a train smash.

This specific advertising was on TV during the Olympics and I loved it. Who doesn`t like little ones? They are so cute.


Реклама спонсора Зимних Олимпийских игр в Сочи 2014 года – Роснефти, с участием детей. Детки играют в хоккей и заявляют, что “главное – команда”, “нельзя терять ни минуты”, “я хочу золото”. Прелесть просто.

Do you have a favourite advertisement on TV?

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