Pizza on the Beach?

I have heard about sex on the beach but pizza on the beach was something new! We were enjoying a sunny day at Zelenogradsk close to the Baltic sea when we stopped to admire the view. People were lying stretched out on the beach like sardines, soaking up the sun.

Zelenogradsk in Russia.
People soaking up the sun.

My eye caught a woman not very far from me and I zoomed in. Yes, this was it! A photo opportunity. She opened a box and inside was a huge pizza!

Zelenogradsk in Russia.
Pizza anyone?

The family quickly came running over. Whilst waiting for them, she decided to sample the pizza. Who wouldn`t? I mean it is the job of mummy to make sure that the pizza taste good!

Zelenogradsk in Russia.
Let Mom taste first!

What do you prefer? Sex on the beach or pizza on the beach?

Where: Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad Oblast,Russia.
When: 1 July 2012

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    1. LOL…Martha I had such a good laugh! Thank you! I know my question at the end was a little naughty but I couldn`t resist! Have a blessed day and thank you for the visit.

  1. Where we are in Korea, people get fried chicken DELIVERED to the beach. YIp, direct to their beach umbrella. Its awesome. You could get pizza too but people just seem to prefer chicken. Its the land of convenience. Sounds like nearby Russia ain’t too dissimilar!

    1. Hi, thank you for the visit and comment! Wow, that does sound like the land of convenience! Can you imagine fried chicken on the beach….delivered to your umbrella! Wow! Thanks again for the comment and visit!

  2. This is great, Pizza for me please, to much sand for sex, lol, these are awesome shots, how much fun you have had and the family on the beach with pizza…

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