Royal Castle of Warsaw


The Royal Castle in Warsaw’s Old Town dates back to the 13th century. It was the official residence of the Royal family. The castle suffered terribly during WWII. It was in fact partially destroyed when the German troops invaded Poland and then under Hitler’s orders it was eventually blown up.

In the 1970’s reconstruction to the castle started to take place. It was completed in 1974. Today the castle is being used for ceremonial purposes and to view to original art works. It is also part of Poland’s National Museum. During the war most of the art works were moved to basements and remained unhidden from the German troops.

The Castle has more than 300 rooms and has been reconstructed in the 17th century style. There are various tours to take but if you take the King’s apartment tour then you will be surprised to see how colourful everything is! The rooms are fitted with splendid art works some which have been hidden during WWII.

Permanently on display are exhibits like tapestries, a porcelain collection, vases, glassware and sculptures. The wood carved dressers and cabinets are to admire.

Like I have mentioned before the Castle has more than 300 rooms. All the rooms have been restored to its original state before the war. The Jagiellonian room for example was once the home to Augustus III and it houses a number of family portraits. He was the last King of Poland.

It is really easy to find the Royal Castle. It is situated in the Old Town at the Plac Zamkowy and it is a landmark.

Entrance is free on Sunday.

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