Socializing in Argentina!

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Argentineans love to socialize so don’t be surprised when you visit with a group of friends to have long discussions and conversations. They like to talk about anything and everything. Normally soccer is a good conversation point but you can also initiate conversation by talking about the weather, political situation or food prices. Normally everybody has an opinion and they are not scared to voice it.

Conversations are normally repetitive and I found that that helped me a lot in the beginning when I wanted to practise my Spanish. You jump into a taxi and start talking to the driver. Normally they want to know where you are from, where you live and how long you have been in the country. Do you like Argentina, where have you travelled etc? Later on you can talk about things in the news or like I said football. That is always a very good topic and interesting.

But what I like most is to drink mate with friends. Please have a look at my review. It was very interesting and when I had a young Argentinean friend here I asked her to show me step-by-step how to prepare the yerba and how to make a delicious mate. She also loved it because I promised her that I was going to write something about it. That makes them feel very proud because it is something typically Argentinean. Whenever I have family or friends visiting from overseas we always introduce them to the art of drinking mate. They end up buying a mate and the yerba. Not all people like the taste of this green tea but after a while you do get used to it.

On my recent trip to Buenos Aires I took the train. We were not 10 minutes into our journey when a man came to sit next to me. He was looking for a mate partner. Our mate session lasted for a good hour and in the process I’ve made a new friend!

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