Portrait of Countess Ursula Mniszek

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Countess Ursula Mniszek (circa 1750 – 1808) was a brilliant aristocrat, a lady of the Russian court, sister of the last Polish king, Stanislav Augustus Poniatowski, and a female knight of the Order of St Catherine. Levitsky used for the portrait an oval format, which was rare in his work but in which the waist-length figure of the model is made to fit in a masterful way. The colour range is constructed on a cool combination of light blues and radiant pearly tones. With flawless mastery the artist has depicted the heavy satin and transparent lace of the splendid formal dress, the luxuriant locks of powdered hair, the enamel brilliance of the Countess’s eyes. The smooth painterly surface heightens the sensation of cold splendour of the portrait of this flawless and distant heroine, far removed from the artist’s world and from the world of viewers gazing at her portrait.

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