Finding the best Hotel Deals with Trivago

Trivago,,, Booking sites, Hotel comparison site

Comparing hotel prices and finding the best deal.

Recently a fellow traveler asked me where the best place is to search for online accommodation. She felt a little overwhelmed by all the services available on the Internet and wanted to know which one is the best.

Without hesitation I told her that I use Trivago and for a couple of reasons:

  •  Always finding the best deal, saving you money.
  •  A huge variety of accommodation to choose from.
  • Searching for accommodation has never been easier.

Who is Trivago? is one of the largest hotel search companies on the web. They compare the prices for hotels around the wold and work with big names in the Tourist Industry, like, and, to name a few. When searching for a hotel on their database you have access to over 200 booking sites and more than 700,000 hotels worldwide. I always find what I am looking for – at the best price. In fact, you can save up to 35% on accommodation!

How does Trivago work and what tips can I offer for first time users?

More than 45 million travellers use Trivago monthly to make comparisons of what accommodation is available and at what price.

Let`s take an example. I want to travel to Moscow and am curious to know what accommodation is available and where I can save money. Enter “Moscow” into the search bar and the dates for when you want to reserve. Immediately a list of available accommodation appears, comparing prices and savings. In a nutshell – you are always guaranteed the best price.

Trivago,,, Booking sites, Hotel comparison site
Finding the best Hotel accommodation prices on the web.

Tips for first time users:

  • Always compare prices for the best deal.
  • Read the reviews by other travellers. I always rate my hotel stay in order to help other travellers. This way you can see if the hotel meets your expectations. Keep in mind that photos can be deceiving at times and for this reason I rely on ratings and reviews.

How to make a booking on Trivago?

I need to point out from the beginning that you are not actually booking with Trivago. Trivago is a hotel price comparison site. They are there to help you, find the best deal. After you have selected your hotel of choice, you will be transferred to the Booking site to make and formalize your booking.

Over the years Trivago has helped me a great deal and I always recommend them to other travelers.

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