Lion Monument or Dying Lion Monument in Lucerne Switzerland

The Lion Monument in Lucerne.

The Lion Monument in Lucerne, Switzerland is a memorial to Swiss Guards who gave their lives during the French Revolution in 1792. Bertel Thorvaldsen, a Danish artist, depicted a dying lion. It was carved into the sandstone cliff above the city center. Dedicated in 1821 it has attracted millions of visitors over the years.

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The Lion Monument in Lucerne,Switzerland

When I saw this monument for the first time, I got so emotional and almost cried. You can stand there for a long time and just look at it. The scene in front of me almost came alive. The sculpture did an excellent job and I highly recommend you visit the monument when in Lucerne. It is also sometimes  referred to as the “Dying Lion of Lucerne Monument”.

Interesting facts about the Lion Monument.

  •  The Latin saying behind the monument translates to “To The Loyalty and Bravery of the Swiss”.
  •  Below the lion are the Greek numbers DCCLX and CCCL which indicate that 760 soldiers died and 350 survived.
  •  The monument is 20 feet high and 33 feet long and was carved on an upright wall which was the remnants of the towns quarry which supplied the sandstone that built many of the buildings in Lucerne.
  •  Interesting to note, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that the surrounding outline of the lion resembles the shape of a pig. Apparently, the sculpture had a falling out with someone associated with the contracting of the memorial that he created the pig shape out of spite.

The Lion Monument in Lucerne Switzerland

Where to find the Lion Monument in Lucerne?

The Lion monument is situated in Denkmalstrasse 4, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland.

Where: Lucerne,Switzerland

When: 7 April 2004

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  1. it's a great monument, one of which I had never heard about before, but then I am not much of a history buff. I didn't notice the reference to a pig until I went and looked it over a second time. How very interesting.

  2. I see the pig…that is interesting! What a sad memorial though…it's tragic the amount of lives war takes :(Thank you for sharing your experience of visiting it.Blessings,Jessica

  3. It is a very powerful piece of sculpture, I understand why you say it's so sad. I can see the anguish and pain just by looking at it through the photography.

  4. We saw this monument in 1974. Even then it was a poignant reminder of violence. And yes, even then, I seem to recall feeling sad when looking upon it. It does evoke feelings.

  5. Yes I was reading the following: "Apparently, the sculpture had a falling out with someone associated with the contracting of the memorial that he created the pig shape out of spite." Thank you for stopping by.

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