Gondola ride in Venice.

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A Gondola ride in Venice.

A trip to Venice would not be complete without a gondola ride! These long black boats are almost a trade mark of Venice and give you a totally different perspective of the city. Personally I think, if you are travelling with your sweetheart, then a gondola ride can be one of the most romantic experiences.

gondola, venice, gondola ride in venice, cost of a gondola ride, Gondola ride in Venice tours
Gondola ride in Venice. This is a parking lot for the Gondolas.

How much does a gondola ride cost in venice?

Unfortunately my gondola ride was not romantic. Gondola rides are expensive. Standard price is 80 Euros for 40 minutes. Expensive if you are travelling on your own. Luckily the gondola can fit up to 6 people. So what do you do if you are on a Contiki tour and cash strapped? You pile 6 people into a gondola and share the cost!

What to see on a Gondola ride in Venice?

The waterways and canals in Venice are used by the locals on a daily basis. Look at it as a water road. The ride takes you through the serene “back streets” of Venice, the Grand Canal, whom some people say is the most beautiful street in the world.  A gondola ride is a fun way to explore Venice.

I must warn you that the water is not clean and really smelly in some places. We have seen disgusting things floating in the water. I certainly do not want to fall into the water.

[note color=”#00a3cc”]You see a different view of Venice if you are riding on less touristy canals and you will also be avoiding a lot of traffic.[/note]

Gondoliers in Venice and what to expect from a good Gondolier.

I learnt a couple of interesting things about Gondoliers. So what makes a good Gondolier?

  • Gondoliers must adhere to a specific dress code. They have to wear black pants, a striped shirt and closed dark shoes. Usually they have a special hat but it is not a requirement to ear it.
  • Contrary to believe, it is not a requirement to be able to sing. If you want your Gondolier to sing, ask before the time.
  • All Gondoliers must be officially licensed.
  • Most of the Gondoliers in Venice speak some English.
  • It is extremely rare for a woman to become a Gondolier in Venice.
  • Gondoliers normally stand up to row because it makes it easier to navigate the narrow canals.

[note color=”#00a3cc”]Gondolas are very expensive and are made specifically for the Gondolier. Some cost as much as a car.[/note]

Most people enjoy the Gondola ride. Would I recommend it? For sure, it certainly was a highlight of my trip to Venice.

Gondola ride in Venice Video.

 Where: Venice

When: April 2004



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  1. This is amazing and neat!! I followed a while back and haven't gotten here much but I'll be back. Neat my friend NEAT!

  2. My husband lived in Venice for a while, and sent post cards back to his sister that said he was a gondolier, but not a popular one, because he only knew Row, row, your boat 😉 LOL

  3. Spectacular photos! I’d seen pictures of gondolas but not this up close and personal… I feel almost like I was there in Venice… and hearing the guy sing made it all the more lifelike and fun!

  4. Do you know what I remembered about this Nelieta? The Tourist movie with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp….:) Geez, the was the most romantic scene I've ever seen in a movie I guessed…. But since you said smelly, I may have to forego that one then cause I really have a very sensitive sense of smell…:) xoxo

  5. Am looking forward for this when I am hitting Venice early May, its an experience for sure, thanks for the info.

  6. Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting! What in interesting job it must have been! Agreed I can imagine if he knew only one song (and not THE song)career prospects might have been limited :)hope to see you again soon!

  7. Hi Jorie, ooh I loved that movie! Didn´t she look awesome and he so handsome? The Gondola ride is fine, don´t go swimming..lol!

  8. Hi Debra, thank you so much! The video is great and funny. The man in the video had an excellent voice, don´t you think so?

  9. Hi Navaneetham, that is so exciting! I hope you will have an amazing time and please tell us all about your trip and Gondola ride!

  10. Never got to go on a gondola when I was there – wanted to but it was too expensive for just two people. I unfortunately wasn't very impressed with Venice. I believe we went at the wrong time, the smell was so bad it made me sick.

  11. Hi Kerry-Ann, what time of the year did you go? I went in April. I enjoyed Venice but it was very expensive. The water was not clean and yes smelly in places. I am sorry you to hear that you didn´t have a great experience.

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