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Advertising Ideas,Advertising Stencils,Advertising in cities,Unique advertising Ideas

I first saw this in Kaliningrad outside our apartment. At first I thought it was young people with too much time on their hands and some extra paint. But when we arrived in Moscow I saw this outside the Metros too. I took some time to study it and to my amazement I saw it was in fact advertising.

Very similar to a Photoshop stamp people stamp their advertising on the cement. What a clever way to advertise your product. Off course there should be some regulations because this allow people to advertise anything that they want.

No more bits of paper flying around on lamp posts or flyers handed to people that throw them on the ground anyway. Personally I thought it was a very good idea. Saying that I do realize that controlling this is not always practical or possible. I was wondering about the software that they are using to make these web to print solutions at eoncode.com. It sounds like an excellent idea to start a home business, I told my husband.

Advertising Ideas,Advertising Stencils,Advertising in cities,Unique advertising Ideas

Advertising in front of a Moscow Metro Station

I am not sure if this is something new or if it has been in practise for some time?

What do you think of this and is it also in practise in your country?

Date: 11 August 2012
Where: Moscow,Russian Federation.

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  1. My dear friend,
    I have never seen this before and not sure how this will be welcome here in the US. It was quite interesting though. Not a bad idea, but yes, I am sure it can get out of hand. Thank you for sharing and one more time….WELCOME BACK BEAUTIFUL LADY FLOWER!!!

    1. Hi Andy, so nice to hear from you! Yes I am back. Believe it or not but I am still jet-lagged and tired. I hope I will be feel my normal self again soon. I still owe you some flower photos…will get to that I promise. Yes, this was quite unique but I guess they need some regulations because it is permanent. I haven`t seen this in any other countries. Have a wonderful day dear friend!

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