A walk in La Bolsa

La Bolsa; Cordoba; Argentina; River; Nature; Tranquility; Places to visit in Cordoba

I am still house sitting in La Bolsa and decided this morning to take a walk and clear my head. For the past couple of days I have been sitting in front of my computer, trying to arrange for Visas and other important things. It`s been a stressful week and walking is good to calm the nerves and to get perspective.

Off course I had the three very active dogs that kept me busy too. They often needed to exercise to relieve the excess energy and that was in itself a challenge. Luckily my friends bought a wireless dog fence that helped a lot. The dogs couldn`t escape or run down the street.

Our fury friends.
House sitting Ico,Pampa and Maggie.

The town where I am staying, La Bolsa, is very small. There is not much to see or do. A beautiful river runs through it but the weather has been unpleasant with a lot of wind,cold and rain. This is not our typical weather for this time of the year and most people are staying  indoors. Today however, is a beautiful day to walk.

I took an unfamiliar road close to where I stay. It is a dirt road but I saw a sign that read `Hotel` so I decided to go and have a look. I enjoy quiet mornings and I had nobody disturbing me. I must admit I wasn`t really in the mood to take photos but that quickly changed when I reached the hotel. A few quiet moments in the park, wishing I could swing all day.

Flowers were dying but I still managed to capture some of its former beauty. Along the way I found things forgotten – old bottles and tiles.

Eventually I reached the river. I was the only one there apart from a million blood-sucking mosquitoes. I bravely fought them off but in the end they won. I did manage to capture the beauty of the river before I fled the scene.

La Bolsa; Cordoba; Argentina; River; Nature; Tranquility; Places to visit in Cordoba
The beautiful river and tranquil spot that I have discovered.

Date: 2 May 2012

Where: La Bolsa, Argentina

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