Aeroparque Jorge Newberry Airport

Aeroparque, Jorge Newberry, Airports Buenos Airs, Aeroparque Jorge Newberry

Aeroparque Jorge Newberry Airport in Buenos Aires.

Aeroparque Jorge Newberry, commonly known as Aeroparque, is situated in the Palermo Neighbourhood,  2 km downtown of Buenos Airs. There are two important airports in Buenos Aires, Ezeiza and Aeroparque Jorge Newberry. The latter caters mainly for domestic flights but also for flights from neighbouring countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay.

Aeroparque, Jorge Newberry, Airports Buenos Airs, Aeroparque Jorge Newberry
Aeroparque Jorge Newberry Airport Building and where the Public Bus drops you off.

Aeroparque is much smaller than Ezeiza and also less modern. I was surprised to see that they did not have any International Arrivals Information boards and I had to enquire at the information counter. Maybe it was a temporary glitch in the system, I am not sure. That is a minor complaint as the airport is easily accessible and centrally located.

Facilities at Aeroparque Jorge Newberry.

The airport boasts facilities like any modern airport including:

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″] Toilets;

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″] Chapel;

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″] Taxi transfer counter;

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″] Tourist Information Counter;

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″]Money Exchange;

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″] Restaurants;

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″] Free Airport Wi-Fi (Which I was unable to connect to).

There are no lockers at the airport. I am mentioning this here because some travellers have made enquiries on Tripadvisor about lockers. Manuel Tienda Leon transfer company have lockers available if you would like to leave your luggage some place safe before leaving for the airport.

Transport to and from Aeroparque Jorge Newberry Airport.

Public Bus.

If you are not carrying a lot of luggage then I suggest you take the Public Bus. It is safe and the bus drops you off directly in front of the Airport. The Tourist Information counter will explain where you can get the bus when heading into the city. Coins are not accepted on the bus and you need a Sube card. Pharmacies and Kioscos at the Airport sometime sell Sube cards. If you don’t have a sube card, ask one of the people on the bus to pay for you and give them the cash. A ride from the Airport into town costs more or less 9 pesos (November 2015). It is a lot cheaper than a taxi or coach transfer. I do not advise you to take the bus at night.

If you are heading to the airport then you can take bus #33 from Retiro Terminal and bus #37 from Plaza del Congresso.

Coach Transfer with Manuel Tienda Leon.

A safer option if you are travelling alone or late at night, is Manuel Tienda Leon. They have a 24 hour service and tickets can be purchased at the airport. A ticket into the city will cost you 60 pesos (November 2015). Tickets can also be purchased online on their website. Manuel Tienda Leon does not drop you off at your Hotel or Hostel. They have a service to there main office in the city. From there you can get a Radio Taxi to your destination. They speak English at the information counter and will call for a Radio Taxi.

Aeroparque, Jorge Newberry, Airports Buenos Airs, Aeroparque Jorge Newberry
International Arrivals and transport offices.

There is a scam doing the rounds whereby taxi drivers charge you extra for luggage. This was the first time that something like this happened to me and I was engaged into a heated argument with the taxi driver. At the back of the driver’s seat is a very important information card. It gives you information regarding the taxi driver, taxi, rules and also a telephone number that you can contact to report the driver. Take a photo of it and ask the Hostel or Hotel to phone on your behalf and report the person if you feel that you have been scammed or cheated.

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