The Amanita Muscaria – The fly mushroom

Amanita Muscaria, Fly Mushroom, mushrooms, La Cumbrecita, Argentina

The Amanita Muscaria – The fly mushroom.

Do you remember the bright red mushroom in fairy story books with the white spots and stem? Well, imagine my surprise when I saw one whilst walking through the woods today in La Cumbrecita. They are eye-catching and you cannot miss them. I have never seen one in real life! I wanted to reach out and touch it but Andrey told me they are poisonous. I remember someone once said that all beautiful things in nature are most likely poisonous. But I was still curious about this mushroom and it didn´t take long to find my answers on Google.

Amanita Muscaria, Fly Mushroom, mushrooms, La Cumbrecita, Argentina
The beautiful Amanita Muscaria.

This fairy-kingdom mushroom is commonly known as the Amanita muscaria or Fly mushroom. It is not commonly known in the Southern Hemisphere. They have been introduced here by accident. In fact they have been around for more than 6,000 years and have been adopted by many cultures! This mushroom is believed to have been used by the Vikings and is known to be used by tribesmen in Siberia.

The Amanita Muscaria ritual.

In Siberia the Shamans eat the mushroom to enter a clairvoyant trance state and mobilize their shamanic powers of healing. They also eat it when they want to communicate with the souls of the ancestors or spirits. They eat 1 to 3 mushrooms and after 20 minutes the effects kick in. Some tribes also recycle the urine of a person that has consumed the mushroom and give it to people who cannot afford to buy the Amanita Muscaria. Juk!

So what are the effects of the Amanita Muscaria?

The effects are highly unpredictable. It varies from divine to hellish or completely absent. I found this on an internet site who are selling the mushroom powder:

We recommend that Amanita muscaria mushrooms are taken only when you’re in a good frame of mind as this can have positive effects on the trip. Because of its unpredictability this mushroom is recommended only for advanced entheogen users, preferably with some experience with Psilocybe mushrooms. 

Anyway they say that you can experience extreme sweating, nausea, vivid dreams, energy and ecstatic.

Now I understand why they call it the Fly Mushroom!

Where: La Cumbrecita,Cordoba,Argentina

When: 15 April 2011

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  1. Very interesting! It sure is a good looking mushroom but seeing that it is poisonous I don´t think I want to take that trip!

  2. Hi Sheril, yes we have a mushroom drug! It sounds like it will put you on a trip, but I am not exactly sure where you will be going! Yes if you eat it raw it is very poisonous but if you dry it in a powder form it is not lethal. I would not try it!

  3. You mean I could be on high if I ever tried this mushroom?.. Mamamia no way shall I ever do that…. hehe.. Very interesting read Nelieta. I learned something new from you today. Thanks for sharing.;)

  4. I fly enough in my own world Nelieta, I believe I'll resist this beautiful, little creation this time around 🙂 No need to add to my itinerary!

  5. What a unique little mushroom…I love the contrasting colors, great info regarding it. You certainly found a good explanation for its name, appropriately given! That's one trip I'll pass on lol 😉

  6. What a beautiful mushroom. Thank you Nelieta for enlightening us. Here in some states you find spectacular ones but they are all poisonous. Some tribes go into the woods and pick only the edible ones and sell them on the streets.

  7. hi nalieta..its 6am here in kuala lumpur.. thanks a lot for your visit. the mushroom sure looks like one of those in fairy tales… so attractive ya. if only that state can be preserved…as in dried flowers 🙂 have a nice day ..

    1. Hi Cooking Varieties, what is your name it feels so strange to call you by your blog name 🙂 It really does look like the ones in the fairy tales. It would be nice to have a garden full of them but they shouldn´t be poisonous 🙂

  8. Hi Jessica, it caught my eye immediately! I love travelling but on second thoughts, I think I will skip this one…lol!

  9. Hi Sweepyjean, there are so many beautiful things that nature hides from us. I am so happy I managed to find one 🙂

  10. This is really interesting…I think whenever I read about 'fly mushroom' as a kid, I thought it was something that swallowed up flies!! Silly me…

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