An idolized flag!

The Argentinean people are extremely proud of their flag. It doesn’t matter where in Argentina you travel; you will see flags displayed in shop windows, on shopping bags, in front of houses, stickers of the flag on bike helmets and ribbons with the flag tied to cars.

You can even buy “flag material” in the sewing shops! Walk into any stationary shop and ask them if they sell a flag of Argentina. I am sure if they don’t have in stock they will direct you to a place that is selling the National Flag. In fact we have an Argentinean flag hanging against our wall!

People love to display the flag at sport events (especially soccer) and any demonstrations or protest marches. My favourite is when they have their Independence celebrations on 25 May each year. Flags are proudly displayed everywhere!

I think the Argentinean flag is really beautiful. I knew very little about the origin of the Argentinean flag. I knew there had to be a story so I decided to do a little research.

This is what I found:

1.The flag was designed by General Belgrano during the Argentine war of Independence from Spain.

2.The Flag of Argentina is divided into 3 equally spaced (2 Celestial blue and 1 white) horizontal bands with a yellow sun in the middle.

3. The Argentinean flag without the sun has existed since 1816.

4. The first time the sun appeared on the flag was in 1818.

5. At first the sun bearing flag was restricted to the military and government. But later permission was given to citizens to use the flag if they handle it with respect and honour.

6.The emblem of the sun is called the “Sun of May”.

7.The sun has 32 alternating straight and wavy rays.

Interesting facts about the flag:

1.The Argentines call the blue colour of the flag “Celeste”. This is the colour of the day sky seen from normal angles.

2. Argentine’s flag bearers usually have to go through a screening process and in schools there is strong competition by students to achieve the honour. Often students with the best grades are chosen to be Argentine’s flag carriers.

The meaning of the flag:

The colours of the flag represent the Bourbon Dynasty of Spain, as Spain colonized Argentina in 1516. Argentina received its independence from the Spanish 300 years later in 1816.

I found a song that they like to sing about the flag:

Aquí está la bandera idolatrada,
la enseña que Belgrano nos legó,
cuando triste la Patria esclavizada
con valor sus vínculos rompió.

Aquí está la bandera esplendorosa
que al mundo con sus triunfos admiró,
cuando altiva en la lucha y victoriosa
la cima de los Andes escaló.

Aquí está la bandera que un día
en la batalla tremoló triunfal
y, llena de orgullo y bizarría,
a San Lorenzo se dirigió inmortal.

Aquí está, como el cielo refulgente,
ostentando sublime majestad,
después de haber cruzado el Continente,
exclamando a su paso: ¡Libertad!
¡Libertad! ¡Libertad!

Translated into English:

Here is the idolized flag,
the flag that Belgrano left to us,
when the sad enslaved Homeland
bravely broke its bonds.

Here is the splendorous flag
that surprised the world with its victory,
when arrogant and victoriously during the fight
climbed the top of the Andes

Here is the flag that one day
triumphantly rose in the middle of the battle
and, full of pride and gallantry,
went immortally to San Lorenzo

Here it is, like the shining sky,
showing sublimate majesty
after having crossed the continent
shouting in its way: “Freedom!”
” Freedom! Freedom!”

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