An outing to the beach: Playa Miami

I have been working really hard lately and needed a break away from the Hostel. So I grabbed my camera, piled on the sunscreen and hopped on the scooter. It was time to go to Playa Miami!Why the locals call it Miami Beach goes beyond my imagination. I remember when I first moved to Argentina people would talk about going to the beach. Fine if you are living close to the ocean, but we are inland and almost 800kms from the ocean!

Later it all made sense. When Argentinians find a piece of white sand next to water, they call it a beach! Playa Miami is one of the most popular beaches here because there is a nice piece of sand and deep water. People like to jump into the deep water from the rocks.

It sounded like fun and I wanted to see if this was the real deal.

The road to playa Miami is beautiful and if you own a bike then you will enjoy it even more. The road is winding through the mountains and the scenery breathtaking. The afternoon sun was revitalizing and the fresh mountain air lifted my spirits.

I eventually found parking and made my way down to the beach. I could hear people but couldn`t see anything. The beach is secluded and hidden behind trees. What awaited me around the corner was a scene from a movie.

People were everywhere! In the water, on the rocks, on chairs in the water and others spread out on the sand like butter on bread.

I giggled…

To get to the beach you have to cross through the water. I decided no to. I was in search of something else. I wanted to photograph the people jumping from the rocks. Yes, that is much more exciting! I found myself a good spot and started to take some photos of the people.

Not long before people noticed me and they started to shout:”Señora, por favor! Foto,foto!” I needed to take their photos. By now groups gathered in the water with beer mugs in their hands and smiling faces. I loved it.

My attention was drawn to the guys climbing the slippery rocks. One asked me why I am taking photos. I told him I it is to promote tourism in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. That got his attention and quickly he called other people to join. The queued on the rocks and signalled that they were ready.

1,2,3 and they jumped! Water splashed everywhere and I snapped them! The crowds were cheering and the brave ones emerged from the water.

I hanged around for another half an hour and I was just about to leave when this man appeared at the top of the rocks. His fans cheered him on and when I looked up I couldn`t believe what I saw. He was dressed in a Borat costume and he started to pose for the people. Everyone was laughing and I couldn`t help to laugh myself. He was quite the entertainer! After what seemed to be forever he eventually jumped into the river.

I said goodbye, tripped and nearly fell into the water, accidentally splashed an old lady full of mud, apologized and quickly disappeared.

Time to hop back on the scooter and to make my way back home.

Playa Miami…the place for the crazy and wild!

Date: January 2012
Place: Santa Rosa de Calamuchita-Argentina 

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  1. Love your photos and this post. I don't think I would have liked these crowds, but it was refreshing to see people having so much uninhibited fun. :)Blessings, Nelieta!

  2. Wow that sounds like real fun. Here in Europe most people probably would not have liked to have their picture taken but how much fun do you miss……

  3. Hi Martha, thank you for the visit and comment. It was great to get away for a little while. This is not my usual place to hang out but I did have fun and the crowds were entertaining! Have a blessed day!

  4. Hi Jim, thank you for the visit and so nice to see you here again! LOL…I have to agree with you on that one!!!! He was quite entertaining though! Nice to be semi-back. Will be around more in March 🙂

  5. Hello AJ, yes it`s been a while! I am not back yet but things will start to get back to normal at the end of the month. I have been missing some of your posts and cannot wait to sit and read them. Have fun AJ!

  6. It is sad Bee that people are so sensitive about having their photo taken. Here in Argentina it is not like that (only in shopping centres and some events). Thank you for the visit!

Thank you for visiting. Have a fabulous day!

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