An upgrade and a free meal

Exhausted after a 20 hour train ride we finally arrived in Buenos Aires. It was especially stressful because an accident delayed us for more than 4 hours and we arrived in the city just in time for Andrey to collect his passport at his Embassy. Without his new passport we wouldn`t have been able to fly to Russia. Imagine the stress!

I stayed behind at the train terminal to collect the bags and Andrey grabbed a cab to fetch his passport. With his passport in his back pocket we transferred to the hostel.

We always stay in this hostel when we go to the city because it is centrally located. It is a busy hostel and there are always a lot of people but it is not a problem for us because we never stay for longer than 2 days. There is also many places around this area where you can get Overnight Prints if needed.

I got a little frustrated at the check-in counter because they never keep visitor details on their system and I had to complete a new registration form again. Imagine my surprise when she asked if she could upgrade us to a private room? I have never received an upgrade before and this was certainly a first. We were very grateful and gladly accepted. A good night`s rest would be more than welcome especially after our stressful journey.

Hostel Suites Florida
Our upgrade from a 6 bedroom dorm to a private room

After we have completed the check-in process the friendly lady gave us vouchers to a free meal in the basement of the hostel. You buy the drinks and they provide the food. It was our lucky day!

We were not very hungry but we made our way to the basement later that evening to see what they have on the menu. We were both looking forward to an ice-cold beer and an early night because we had to be up at the crack of dawn to be transferred to the airport.

Hostel Suites Florida
Andrey handing in our meal tickets

The basement of the hostel is spacious and people were already sitting by tables enjoying their food. In the one corner a band was setting up for their gig.

Our food was delicious. We ate pasta with mince and bread. A real treat and it was all for free. We each drank an ice cold beer and then we called it a night. We were both tired and were looking forward to a quiet evening in our upgraded room.

Where: Buenos Aires,Argentina
When: 14 May 2012

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