Annoy fellow passengers on planes – Top 10

annoy fellow passengers; travel pet peeve, annoying travelers, travel annoyances, bad airplane behavior, air travel complaints

What annoy fellow passengers on planes?

Recently CNN did a survey to find out what things irritate or annoy fellow passengers on planes the most. The list made me smile because most of the things mentioned annoys me too. One person even went as far as to say, that all adult passengers should pass a plane etiquette test, before they fly.

annoy fellow passengers; travel pet peeve, annoying travelers, travel annoyances, bad airplane behavior, air travel complaints
How to annoy fellow passengers on planes.

Let`s be honest, spaces are tight in planes and distances travelled are getting longer. No doubt you will be stepping on somebodies toes during a long flight. Most of us end up grinning and bearing it because we don`t want to create a scene on the plane.

Top 10 ways to annoy fellow passengers on planes

1. When the person behinds you pull at the back of your headrest to get himself out of his confined space.

2. People who abuse the free alcohol on the flight.

3. Compulsive leg-shakers.

4. Coughing, sneezing and sharing your germs.

5. People at the back trying to disembark first and not giving you an opportunity to get your luggage from the overhead compartment.

6. People who go to the bathroom with bare feet.

7. When the person behinds you kick your seat. Children like to do this and many parents turn a blind eye.

8. Getting their knickers in a twist when you have to leave your seat.

9. Screaming children.

10. People with bad body odors.

I would like to add the the list – snoring and drooling.

On a flight from Lisbon to Moscow we had two drunk guys on the flight who were smoking electronic cigarettes. They were not drunk enough to be refused boarding but they were already more than merry. This off course annoyed other passengers and they tried their best to explain that it is harmless electronic cigarettes. After people complained they huffed and puffed one last time and then put the cigarettes away.

Plane Etiquette for all travellers.

I think it boils down to respect towards others and awareness for what goes on around you. When people take that into consideration, long flights will be smooth sailing. Sadly, there are always people on a flight that misbehaves.

What is the most annoying thing that you have experienced on a flight?


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  1. #1 is my pet peeve even when riding a bus. A lot of people do that! Why oh why??? #4, especially those who cough and sneeze without covering their nose and mouth. Gross. lol #5, because it is annoying when people don’t know how to wait for their turn. and #10 is major torture, especially if that person sits beside you. Eeek!!!

    Great post, Nelieta! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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