Argentine Salami – Origin and Where to buy it

Argentine Salami, What is Salami made off, Italian Salami, Salami, Salame, Hard Salami, Salami Types

Delicious Argentine Salami.

Over the years I have come to love Argentine Salami. Once you start eating, it is very difficult to stop. Salami is really tasty but it is difficult to describe the taste in words. One person described it like this: Salami tastes like Pepperoni but less spicier.

Argentine Salami, What is Salami made off, Italian Salami, Salami, Salame, Hard Salami, Salami Types
Traditional Argentine Salami.

Where did Salami originate from?

I did a little bit of research on the topic and couldn’t`t find an answer to this question. Many people say that the exact origin of salami is unknown. Others believe that it originated from Italy. However, there is evidence that a type of fermented sausage was prepared in the Mediterranean region more than 2000 years ago. The Romans and Greeks also stored meat in this way. Salami can be found all over Europe nowadays. In Russia we had delicious cured meat as well. In South Africa Salami is not that popular but we have Biltong, that is also a type of cured meat.

More than 40 different types of Salami can be found in Italy.  Milan, Naples and Bologna are famous for quality Salami.

The History of Salami in Argentina.

Argentina inherited the tradition of Salami as a result of the wave of Italian immigrants into the country many years ago. Tandil and Mercedes are two famous Salami manufacturing cities in Argentina. Salami is also very popular in Uruguay.

What is Salami made of?

Salami is made from a mixture of Beef and Pork meat, that is seasoned, smoked and then air-dried. Cubes of fat are added for flavor.

How to peel and cut Salami?

It took me many years to figure out how to peel the skin off Salami. Salami is covered with a skin and sometimes it is difficult to get it off. People have told me to wash it but it became a slimy mess. Then I saw a friend making a cut into the length of the Salami. Once the skin has been cut it is very easy to start peeling the Salami. Salami is cut into slices and then presented on a wooden plate with a cheese and olives.

Where to buy Argentine Salami?

Argentine Salami can be bought at many outlets varying from Kiosks, Butcheries (Carnicerias), Supermarkets and Stalls next to the road. Some people prefer Salami very dry and others like me, prefer it a little wet. When visiting Argentina, give it a try. It makes a delicious snack with cheese, olives, wine or beer. You can also find it on pizza.

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