Arriving in beautiful Warsaw!

My flight was uneventful. I had a stop over in Sao Paulo and then flew with Swiss Air to Zurich. Our flight was a little behind schedule so by the time I arrived in Zurich it was already time to board for Warsaw. I was running to the gate and when I got there the passengers were already boarding. I am sure they would have waited for me but I hate being late.

I am always too early in case there is a delay. I had a nice flight to Warsaw. I really like flying with Swiss Air. They are awesome.Andrey was waiting for me at arrivals. I was so happy to see him. There was no delay at immigration and my visa was in order. It was my first visit to Poland and I was very excited.

Andrey already had time to navigate in the city and that was a great help. We took the bus to get to the city. We were on our way to book into the hostel. Andrey was staying in the 6 bed dorm while I was away and we had the private room reserved for us for when I arrived.
Poor Andrey had such an ordeal. He flew with Air Europa to Warsaw and they lost his luggage. All the gifts for his family is inside the bag. He told me that he didn’t do a lot of sighteseeing because he was spending a lot of time with the airline over the phone. The bag went missing in Madrid but they promied they would find it for him and have it delivered either at the hostel or in Kaliningrad. He had to go and buy new clothes because he only had the one set of clothes!

I really liked the hostel! It was nothing fancy but cozy and comfortable.

Almost like being at home. Our room had 2 single beds and was very spacious. The kitchen was marvelous for cooking. It was also close to a supermarket and walking distance from the old town. I loved it!

I was tired but didn’t want to sleep. I wanted to explore the town. I took a quick shower and then we headed off to do some exploring. We headed down to the supermarket to see if we could buy a simcard and some food to eat. It was a small supermarket close to the hostel but they were selling a variety of things even printing envelopes here which surprised me.

I was so impressed with the city! In fact I think I could easily live there.It was so clean and there was no sign of the damage that was done during WWII. It was incredible. All the colors of the buildings were beautiful.

We went to one of the big shopping malls and we bought something to eat. By now I was getting tired and we decided to call it a night and get some rest. Tomorrow we have a lot to do and a lot to see!

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