Ballet in St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg is often called the “Venice of the North” and with reason. It has numerous canals and over 400 bridges. A city rich in arts and culture. How could I visit this incredible city and not see traditional Russian ballet? Not just any ballet: Swan lake by Tchaikovsky!

Russian Ballet,Swan Lake,Bolshoi Ballet,Mariinsky Ballet,Black Swan
Swan lake painting by Vanilla Kitsune

It was not difficult to find tickets. There are ticket outlets all over the city. I was so excited when I learned that we will be seeing Swan lake. I was about to witness one of the most famous ballet productions ever.

Dressed in our finest we arrived at the theatre later that evening. We got seats in the second row and had an excellent view of the stage. What fascinated me most was the orchestra. It almost looked like they were sitting in a big hole. I found it very amusing. Theatre was something new and foreign to me. I loved it. All dollied up!

Russian Ballet,Swan Lake,Bolshoi Ballet,Mariinsky Ballet,Black Swan

The lights dimmed and the concert finally started. I sat there mesmerized and my eyes were glued to the stage. The dancers were exquisite and they moved so gracefully.

Russian Ballet,Swan Lake,Bolshoi Ballet,Mariinsky Ballet,Black Swan

I got so carried away that when the first part ended Andrey had to drag me away. We got some refreshments and returned to our seats a little while later.

There are 3 acts in Swan Lake and soon it was time for the black swan to emerge. If I thought the first part was good then nothing could have prepared me for the second part. It was absolutely amazing!

Russian Ballet,Swan Lake,Bolshoi Ballet,Mariinsky Ballet,Black Swan

When the curtains dropped and the clapping faded, I finally got up. I didn´t want to go. I left a part of me at the ballet performance that evening.

I recently watched the movie Black Swan. If you haven´t watched it, please do. It brought back so many memories. I do take my hat off to all the dancers who so gracefully entertain us. We hardly notice the pain and effort and long hours of training that goes into a performance like this!

May Swan lake grace our stages for a long time to come!



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  1. I haven't seen it though but I'm truly mesmerized by your pictures cause they look so amazingly stunning! Lovely post Nelieta! As always you are an amazing travel writer… I'm in love with your photos btw.. They always look so cool! 🙂

  2. I have never been to a ballet:( The video was wonderful. At first, I thought the sideline dancers was just a prop or something, until I saw one of the move about half way through. How disciplined and painful it must be to stand in one position, perfectly still for so long! And then to move from that position and begin dancing…well, I'm totally impressed by this beauty and talent:)

  3. Hi Mary, the video is a little long..but I couldn´t resist. It must be brutal training and imagine dancing like this night after night! If you ever have the opportunity to go to a ballet performance, please do. I am sure you will love it!

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