A cat called Barsik

Barsik,Cat,Male Cat,Russian Cat,Kaliningrad,Cats,Orange and white cat

A Russian cat called Barsik.

Mom`s cat Barsik, didn`t like us from the word go. He made it clear from the beginning that we were not welcome. The first time he saw us, he made a dash for the door, looked back and disappeared. Mom laughed and said he will warm up to us later. After three months he finally did, in his own cat way. Touching was not allowed and he still hissed at us when we looked at him too long.

That is when I  saw the black kitten of the neighbors trying to climb the fence. He was on his way to pay us a visit. I gave up with Barsik and didn`t try to make friends with him anymore. Instead I lavished all my attention on this fluffy little kitten. What a cutie he was!

Barsik,Cat,Male Cat,Russian Cat,Kaliningrad,Cats,Orange and white cat
The cutie and the grumpy

An upset Barsik cat.

Barsik was hiding underneath an old table but he was watching us intently. Before I knew what was happening, he was standing next to me, staring at the kitten. The kitten wasn`t scared of this grumpy cat and wanted to play. Playing was the last thing on Barsik`s mind and he gave the poor kitty a glare, that told him in no uncertain terms, he over-stayed his welcome. He was clearly not impressed with this intruder.

The cherry on the cake was when the kitten dashed inside the kitchen and drank milk from Barsik`s saucer! Before a cat fight could start, I decided to take the kitten outside and back to his own home.

Last week we spoke to Mom and asked her about the black kitten. She told us that the neighbours don`t take care of him and he often eats at her house. Barsik`s reaction? He is not happy but he has accepted the fact that another cat is eating there. He remains the cat of the house and get`s to sleep in Mom`s room!

Where: Kaliningrad,Russian Federation

When: 18 July 2012



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