BMX and skateboarding park in Kaliningrad

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bmx and skateboarding park in kaliningrad

One morning we were walking around the Oberteich area in Kaliningrad when we stumbled upon a BMX track. This park is not used solely for BMX purposes but also as a skate park. A lot of  youngsters were riding up and down with their bicycles.

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BMX freestyle

They were real daredevils! I held my breath a couple of times as I watched them through my lens. They were jumping high in the air and trying different tricks. It wasn`t long before one of the boys made a jump and came crashing down. By now they have seen me and the youngster refused to get up. His friends came to his rescue but luckily nothing was broken or damaged. I think he walked away with a bruised ego and nothing more.

BMX track games

They engaged in many games and were chasing each other around the track. It was interesting to watch them.

young people enjoying fresh air with their BMX bikes

We often saw little ones on BMX bikes close the the Oberteich. It is a popular area to walk and to ride bicycles. They always find a place to make a jump. Luckily most of them were wearing helmets!

It was nice seeing young people getting out and engaging in sport. It is also not surprising because Russians love their sport and outdoor activities. Nowadays the younger generation sits in front of the computers and never get out anymore. I also saw a lot of girls roller-blading in the area.

The winters in Russia are very cold and severe. When Spring and Summer approaches the people are eager to leave their houses. They all head down to the beach or parks where they can enjoy picnics and the warmer weather. Children also have a long school holiday during this time that normally lasts 3 months.

Where: Kaliningrad, Russian Federation

When: 19 June 2012

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