Buffet Restaurant All you can eat Madrid

Buffet Restaurant Madrid, All you can Eat Madrid, Budget Restaurants Madrid

Buffet Restaurant “All you can eat” in Madrid.

We saw a sign to a Buffet Restaurant where  “All you can eat” for 10 Euros per person and decided to give it a try. There are many restaurants close to Puerta del Sol but some are very expensive. Nevertheless there are a huge number of places to choose from. We walked around the whole day and built up quite an appetite. Starving was an understatement.

Buffet Restaurant Madrid, All you can Eat Madrid, Budget Restaurants Madrid
All you can eat Restaurant in Madrid.

The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere and they serve a buffet meal where you can eat as much as you can. Included in the price is a beer or soft drink and thereafter you need to pay for any additional beverages. I liked the fact that we got served with a proper plate and cutlery. After you pay you help yourself to a plate and then to the food. It is self service and when you need a clean plate you get one from the counter.

What food is available at All you can eat Buffet Restaurant?

They have a large variety of food including chicken, pizza, paella, meat, seafood, soup, dessert and salads. It is my personal opinion there are enough dishes to choose from especially if you take into consideration the price that you are paying. Yes, there are other places where you can eat but keep in mind that you will be paying a lot more for smaller portions. It all boils down to personal preference and budget. Service was not the best but then again it was self service and we got everything that we needed from the counter.

All you can eat is ideal for people who are travelling on a budget, are very hungry or is looking for a variety of food without breaking the budget. It is also a better choice than eating at fast food places like McDonalds. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. We did not eat breakfast at All you Can eat but they offer Continental and American breakfasts.

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