Buquebus Ferry to Uruguay from Buenos Aires

Buquebus Ferry,Crossing over by ferry from Argentina to Uruguay,Crossing over to Uruguay,Transport to Uruguay,Pasaje a Colonia;

Crossing over into Uruguay by ferry from Buenos Aires.

Uruguay is a very popular tourist destination and many tourists like to visit for the day. It is very easy to cross by ferry from Buenos Aires. Buquebus is a ferry service that transfers passengers on a daily basis to various destinations in Uruguay. Popular destinations include:

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Montevideo;

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Punta del Este;

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Colonia del Sacramento.

Buquebus Ferry,Crossing over by ferry from Argentina to Uruguay,Crossing over to Uruguay,Transport to Uruguay,Pasaje a Colonia;
Buquebus Ferry leaving from Buenos Aires to Uruguay.

Where do the ferries depart from?

Ferries depart from the Northern Dock of Puerto Madero and is very easy to find. The building is marked clearly and you can see the boats from the outside. There is ample parking available and the terminal is big and comfortable. If it is your first time in the city, then I suggest you take a taxi to the terminal. This will allow for enough time in case you get lost.

How to purchase a ticket for Buquebus?

Tickets can be bought at the sales offices at the terminal or on-line. I prefer to buy the tickets on-line because you are issued with an e-ticket. It is saving you a lot of time in the end. On a recent trip to Colonia del Sacramento I have noticed that they charge extra if you book a couple of days before departure or on the date of departure. You pay the advertised price if you book 10 days in advance.

Check-in procedure and important information.

You have to check in at least 1 1/2  hours before departure. On arrival at the Terminal present your ticket and passport at the counter. You will then make your way to immigration. Argentinian and Uruganian officials will inspect your passport and Visas. If you have an Argentine DNI then you don´t need to present your passport but take it with you just in case.

On-board services and facilities.

The boats are very comfortable. They carry between 450 and 1200 passengers. You can also transfer your vehicle onto the boat. There are different classes to choose from ranging from Tourist class to the more expensive all inclusive “Bodega” class. The main differences really are price and that a drink and a snack (Whiskey or wine) is included. I used the normal tourist class and was very impressed with the service.

Buquebus Ferry,Crossing over by ferry from Argentina to Uruguay,Crossing over to Uruguay,Transport to Uruguay,Pasaje a Colonia;
Inside the Buquebus Ferry.

Prices range between 246 ARS to 750 ARS for a one way ticket, depending the class, time of year and specials. Check with the Buquebus website for updated prices.

The boat is surrounded by huge windows and you have an upper deck to watch the magnificent view. Chairs are very comfortable. Buquebus also offers day tours with special packages. Visit the website for more details.

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  1. Keep writing more about Argentina, my agenda this year includes South America and Mendoza has been on my mind. Have you gone to any of the wineries there yet?

  2. How long is the boat ride from Argentina to Monte Video? Do you have to pay an entry fee since you are going from one country to the next? I imagine you MUST bring your passport?

  3. Hi, the boat ride is 3 hours to MVD. There is a quicker boat but much more expensive. Yes you will have to take your passport as you go through immigration officials who stamp your passport and issue you with a "visa". There is a reciprocity fee charged to citizens of countries which charge Argentines for a visa application. It is only paid if you fly into the Ezeiza international airport in Buenos Aires from another country. It is not collected at land borders or other airports if arriving from another country. In the case of US citizens it is good for 10 years even in an expired passport. You will not have to pay it arriving by ferry from Uruguay.

  4. Nelieta, we took the Buquebus Ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo in 1998. Your review brought back good memories. Thanks!

  5. I will be in Argentina at the end of March and my boyfriend and I are contemplating on making the trip over to Uruguay. On the Buequebus, where is the luggage stored? While in Thailand I took a similar mode of transport and the bags were stacked at the front of the boat. I would assume the same applies to the Buequebus, but thought I'd ask to be sure.Thank you for all your reviews, they are more than helpful!

  6. Hi, no this ferry is very big and you keep your luggage with you. There is a place on the boat at the entrance where you can keep luggage. This ferry also transport cars. I kept my bag with me and nobody asked me to store it. I don't think it should be a problem 🙂 Have fun in Uruguay. I really do recommend Colonia del Sacramento, it is a beautiful place.

  7. Great post Nelieta, I have been on the same type ferries but this one looks really modern and comfortable. Love the images!!!

  8. I was recently told by Buquebus that my ticket, which I purchased online, had been “lost”. Can someone explain what that means – how can an electronic ticket be “lost”? I was given a specific email address to write to and explain my situation, which I did, asking for a refund. To date, I have not received any response (it has been over 2 weeks). I have not seen any bad reviews for Buquebus online, so I am baffled by this. Can anyone provide ideas as to how an English-only customer can get a refund?

    1. Hi Marilyn, that sounds really strange. Do you still have the ticket with the e-number? If you would like me to help you get information from them I will gladly help. Buquebus has a good reputation and I am sure there is a logical explanation. When was this ticket issued and when are you suppose to leave? It is quite normal in Argentina to wait for answers. People are very slow responding to email.

    1. Hi, Thank you for stopping by. I did a quick search on Buquebus. It does not look like they have a fixed charge per vehicle. I did a search for a trip from BsAs to Colonia. The fare per person was ARS 1653 and they charge ARS 1696 for the vehicle. Return was ARS 1471 and the fare for the vehicle was ARS 1465. You can book online and the page is in English. You select the option of you have a vehicle and the price is added on before you check-out. I hope it helps.

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