Bushbuck encounters in Knysna – South Africa

Nelmitravel;Bushbuck; Bush buck; Kéwel Bushbuck; Antelope; Knysna; South Africa

Bushbuck encounters in Knysna – South Africa.

There is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing wildlife up close. This was the case when I visited Knysna in March this year. My father told me about the bushbuck that can be seen in the Brenton-on-Sea area.  The Kéwel Bushbuck is a type of Antelope that is very common in Africa. They love woods and forests.

Nelmitravel;Bushbuck; Bush buck; Kéwel Bushbuck; Antelope; Knysna; South Africa
The Kéwel Bushbuck in Knysna.

It was not your typical African Safari but we took the car and started to explore the familiar areas where they normally can be seen. To my delight we quickly spotted a mother and her calf. It was obvious from the first moment when I spotted them, that the mom was no stranger to people and cars.The little one however was nervously looking at me as I got out of the car to take a photo. I did not want to scare them away but my father reassured me that they are quite tame.

I managed to sneak up close and take photos. The calf was still nervous especially when my camera made a clicking sound. I decided to stand still and allow them privacy to eat in peace. They were so beautiful!

We drove around for another hour but we did not see any herds. Nevertheless, it was lovely seeing them and an experience well shared.

Where can Bushbuck be seen in Knysna?

They are quite common in the suburbs of Brenton-on-Sea and Belvidere. I was very sad to learn that there are people who steal the Kéwel in Knysna. Why people would do that goes beyond me. Knysna is blessed with extraordinary natural beauty and I believe that these beautiful animals should be allowed to roam free and without fear of being stolen.

Nelmitravel;Bushbuck; Bush buck; Kéwel Bushbuck; Antelope; Knysna; South Africa
A young Kéwel in Knysna.

Interesting information about the Kéwel Bushbuck.

  •  The Kéwel Bushbuck was first described by Pallas in 1766 as Antilope scripta.
  •  They are believed to originate from Senegal.
  •  The name Kéwel, is taken from the Wolof language spoken in Senegal.
  •  They are a species in their own right but closely resembles the Nyala.
  •  There is very little know about the Kéwel Bushbuck except from what can learned from specimens in museums and hunting trophies.

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