Camping in La Cumbrecita

When we were planning our hike to Mount Champaqui we looked for a camping ground in La Cumbrecita. But we couldn’t find any information apart from a Spanish blog entry that gave very little information.

The best place to ask was the tourist information centre in La Cumbrecita. They told us that it is not an official camping ground of La Cumrecita. It is an open piece of land which belongs to a woman living in La Cumbrecita.

They gave us directions to find Luna & Sol but it was not easy to find the place. When I go back for a second time I will find it a lot easier. Nothing is marked but people are very helpful and if you get stuck you can always ask for directions.

The owner is a lovely lady and you stop at her house to book a place at the camping ground.

Luna & Sol Camping

The camping ground is nothing fancy so don’t expect much. There is an open kitchen with gas and shower with hot water.

Alojamiento en La Cumbrecita

The toilet is on the other side of the building. Lights go out at 8pm. It was not very clean and it looked like the campers tried to keep it clean.

Baño La Cumbrecita Camping

The view is incredible! You are surrounded by mountains and the stars at night are incredible.

Camping en La Cumbrecita

The price is 30 pesos per tent. This is very cheap.

Date: October 2010.
Where: La Cumbrecita,Argentina

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