Religious Art Museum or Capilla Vieja

Capilla Vieja,Museo religioso Santa Rosa de Calamuchita;Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

Religious Art Museum or Old Chapel (Museo de Arte Religioso o Capilla Vieja).

The town of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita has a couple of places that tourists can visit. One of them is the Capilla Vieja which is located in the main street, Calle Libertad.

Capilla Vieja,Museo religioso Santa Rosa de Calamuchita;Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
Museo Religioso Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

The church is not always open during the week but if you find it open go inside and have a look.

History of the Old Chapel in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.

The history of this chapel is very interesting.

The chapel was built in 1784 on one of the largest farms in the Calamuchita Valley, Santa Rosa. The priest at the time decided to build a chapel, where the first baptism was recorded in January 1784. In those days the church had as patron The Lady of Luján. That was the original name of the Old Chapel but today it is called the Religious Art Museum or Old Chapel.

Capilla Vieja,Museo religioso Santa Rosa de Calamuchita;Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
Inside the Capilla and around the building.

In 1802 the farm got new owners, Mr Pedro José Nuñez.After he passed away his four daughters inherited the farm. The biggest part went to one of his granddaughters, Mercedes Nuñez Prado, who married Estanislao Baños.

This chapel was in the centre of the valley and became the main parish seat of Santa Rosa in 1869. At the time there were 8 chapels in the area.

On 10 December 1877, the couple decided to donate the land on which the chapel and cemetery were situated, to the church on condition that the land will be used for development.

The chapel stood directly in the middle of the undeveloped land. It appears that the Chapel gave birth to a town.

This Chapel is not only valuable in terms of the architecture but it also formed the focus point of the town. It was the core of the centre.

In 1997 after being repaired, it became a museum of religious art Santa Rosa de Lima, and part of the cultural heritage of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.

Where: Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Argentina

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