Car rental at Walvis Bay Airport – Namibia

Car Rental at Walvis Bay Airport; Renting a car at Walvis Bay Airport; Avis Walvis Bay Airport;

Car rental at Walvis Bay Airport.

We needed a car for our holiday in Namibia and decided to rent a car at Walvis Bay Airport. It was the logical choice because we were heading to Swakopmund and were flying out of Walvis Bay. Car rental at the Airport was not complicated at all. A number of Car rental companies have cars available for rental. These companies include: Avis, Budget and Europcar, to name a few. We didn’t book before the time and subsequently didn’t have a large selection of vehicles to choose from. However, we were not disappointed with our little VW that was offered to us. She took us on road trips that will be remembered forever.

Car Rental at Walvis Bay Airport; Renting a car at Walvis Bay Airport; Avis Walvis Bay Airport;
Our snazzy car that took us to so many places.

Where to find the Car Rental Offices at Walvis Bay Airport?

Walvis Bay Airport is a very small airport and it is not difficult to locate the Car Rental Companies. Offices are situated just outside the arrivals building in front of the airport. Employees working at the Car Rental companies impressed us with their friendly and professional manner. In no time we had a car selected and waited for delivery of the vehicle. After receiving our car we were requested to drive into Walvis Bay to complete the paperwork at the office.

What information is required to rent a car?

We were asked to complete information about the driver and co-driver. The price and deposit were discussed with us as well as the terms and conditions. Copies of drivers licenses were requested. The advance payment is processed immediately and a blocking deposit is placed on the card for the event of an accident. After paperwork formalities were concluded we were requested to inspect the car for dents and chips. Everything was marked on a sheet and we were handed a copy. The car had a full tank of petrol and we were informed that it was not necessary to refill the tank when we bring the car back. The reason being that they don’t make any profit on the fuel and it will save us time when bringing back the car.

Car Rental at Walvis Bay Airport; Renting a car at Walvis Bay Airport; Avis Walvis Bay Airport;
Inspecting our car at the office in Walvis Bay.

Everything was explained to us in detail, where to find the spare wheel and also emergency contact numbers should anything happen to the car while on holiday. That gave us extra peace of mind.

The car was dropped off at the Airport before our flight.  We couldn’t find a person on duty and was told to deposit the key in a box mounted on the wall. Interesting.


Car rental at Walvis Bay Airport was a breeze. If you want to book a car before you fly, do it online. Otherwise arrive at the Airport and get your car there. Rates are good and and service excellent. If anything goes wrong with the car, take it back. Take time to read the terms and conditions and make sure that you are covered adequately. Remember, anything can happen and you don’t want to be liable and out of pocket.

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