Coffee in Argentina

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Coffee culture in Argentina.

I love coffee, I always have. A few things in life beat an early morning cup of coffee. People in Argentina love it too. It is not surprising that Buenos Aires is one of the cities with the most coffee shops in the world. You find one on every street corner and everywhere you look tables and chairs are standing outside. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee invite you to sit down and have a cafecito.

The atmosphere of a coffee shop in Argentina adds to the magic.

The coffee in itself is an experience but the atmosphere makes it special. People gather in shops and discuss news, politics, football and any subject that they find interesting. People are in no hurry to leave and a coffee encounter with friends could take a couple of hours. Don’t expect to find a quiet coffee shop. People are talking non-stop and everybody is enjoying the time with friends. All coffee shops have the latest newspapers available at the door and many people sit down and read the paper from back to front.

Coffee in Argentina, Nelmitravel; Coffee store Argentina,Cafe con medialunas,Coffee shop Argentina,Argentina coffee;
A typical day in Buenos Aires.

I really love restaurants in Argentina because they are in no hurry to get you out. Most of the times you have to ask for the bill and it is considered rude for the waiter to bring the bill with your cup of coffee.

A great place for students.

In McDonalds for example students often sit in more quiet areas and study. Waiters will walk around and fill up their mugs free of charge! Most of the shops are in old buildings and have a long history with the city. Some places are almost like museums and the décor is incredible. If you love old buildings and architecture then this will add even more joy to your early morning necessity.

Coffee in Argentina, Nelmitravel; Coffee store Argentina,Cafe con medialunas,Coffee shop Argentina,Argentina coffee;
McDonalds in Buenos Aires. Medialuna and a cafecito.

How to drink coffee in Argentina.

In Argentina people like their coffee very strong. It is served in a small or big cup. In some places café doble is extra strong and café solo normal black coffee. I prefer coffee with milk and I am still not getting used to the strong coffee. I don’t think I ever will! So I always order café con leche (Coffee with milk). If you want java with chocolate then order a Submarino.

Breakfast here is not big. It consists of a freshly baked medialuna or factura. Commonly known in the rest of the world as a pastry. The Medialuna can be sweet or salty. They are very tasty especially when they come warm from the oven. It  is served  with a small glass of Soda water to clean the palate.

I always tell people visiting  Argentina, to sit down in a restaurant, order a cafecito and take notice of your environment. See the life through the eyes of a local and how it si done here in Argentina.

"No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee’s frothy goodness."

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  1. For years I have only been able to drink decaf..Really interesting but the thing that surprised me the most was McDonald having waiters??? ReallY?? lolI had coffee in Italy at a small cafe and the atmosphere was close to what you

  2. Beautifully said! It reminded me of how things are in Italy. How people in Italy are with their coffee. Love it now I'm craving a cup of delicious coffee.

  3. I love coffee (although I don't drink a lot of it), and I could almost smell the coffee from your wonderful description! Makes me want to go and visit Argentina!Terrific post!

  4. I'm liking the signal for crazy 🙂 the coffee in Hungary is strong too – you could literally lay roads with it.

  5. I was just thinking of a similar topic from my blog. Oh coffee lovers…what makes it addictive? You know here, Starbucks has become part of the culture, but many coffee shops have opened and now share the credit.I like dolcelatte instead. Caffeine is a stimulant and I can't take it strongly, it makes me nervous ;)I reacted the same way as Jim, McDonalds having waiters? and bottomless coffee? wow!What a nice break Nelieta 😉

  6. I'm a big fan of coffee and coffee shops, wherever I venture in the world I must locate a local establishment for a few cups. As I type this I'm in a cafe I frequent here in Savannah. I certainly prefer European cafes over most places in America, would love to visit Argentina as it sounds delightful. Gotta go as it's time for another Macchiato 🙂

  7. I love the idea of a coffee shop creating the atmosphere where a genuine sense of community can be felt and expressed. I'd love to have a coffee sometime with you at one of your local places in Argentina! Sounds like a warm atmosphere. I take my coffee with cream!

  8. It's fascinating how different countries have different ways of preferring their coffee. I like to try local servings wherever we go, and yes just sitting in a cafe' or stretside restaurant and people watching, or better still enjoying any street performers is tapping in to the soul of a country.

  9. One of my favourite get aways is to leave my place of work, make my way to the nearest Starbucks, order myself a skinny coffee, and just watch the world go by. People watching is a fascinating thing to do, and time can just fly by

  10. Great post. I've always believed that genuine coffee shops are places where people go in the morning to start their day by catching up on the news and just being friendly with other people.

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