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Coffee in Bangkok; Coffee Koasan Road; McDonald`s in Koasan Road;

early morning coffee in khaosan road

My first morning in Bangkok and I was dying for a cup of coffee. I sneaked out of the hotel early morning to capture a glimpse of Bangkok city as it started to wake. The restaurant of the hotel was still closed and I made my way to Khaosan Road which is just a round the corner.

Street vendors were already setting up shop and to my surprise some bars were still open with a lot of tired looking foreigners staring deep into their empty glasses. Backpackers were looking for accommodation and I knew within a couple of hours this street will be packed and busy. For now I had a moment of peace and quiet apart from all the taxi and tuk-tuk drivers who were descending upon me like vultures. I took it all in my stride, after all I was in Bangkok.

Khaosan Road,Bangkok Khaosan Road,Photos of Khaosan Road,Street vendors in Khaosan Road
A friendly street vendor setting up shop in Khaosan Road.

coffee in mcdonald`s in khaosan road

I wanted to sit down and taste a cup of strong coffee and I knew one place that could help me – McDonald’s. I know you might be disappointing to hear that I bought a cup of coffee from a food chain but let me tell you it was the best coffee that I have had in Bangkok.

Coffee in Bangkok; Coffee Khaosan Road; McDonald`s in Khaosan Road
There are also ATM`s in front of the McDonald`s in Khaosan Road.

In Argentina we can be rest assured to buy a very good coffee at any McDonald’s in the country. Argentinians love their coffee and they will not anybody sell them a sub-standard cup of coffee. So I decided to give the McDonald’s in Khaosan Road a try.

Apparently I was not the only one in need of something strong and a couple of people were already sitting down to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee. McDonalds didn`t disappoint and I thoroughly enjoyed my morning refresher. From the window I watched the people. Many were leaving for work and others were looking for accommodation, money exchange offices or trying to get sober after a heavy night of partying.

Backpackers in Khaosan Road in Bangkok; Khaosan Road Street Vendors; Khaosan Road; Bangkok Khaosan Road; Street Vendors Bangkok; Food Markets in Khaosan Road
Backpackers arriving early morning in Khaosan Road looking for accommodation.

“This is Bangkok”, I thought to myself.

Later that morning I was so happy that I went to McDonald`s. The coffee at the hotel was terrible and we decided to stick to tea.

Where: Khaosan Road, Bangkok,Thailand

When: 5 March 2013

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