Footprint of the devil in the Munich Frauenkirche

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The Munich Frauenkirche and the devil’s footprint.

One of the places that we were exploring in Munich was the Munich Frauenkirche or Cathedral of our Lady. The church is located on the Marienplatz in the heart of Munich’s old town. I have written before about the Glockenspiel and the fish fountain in the Marienplatz.

Munich Frauenkirche or Cathedral of our Lady

A view of the Church from the Town Hall.

This is a beautiful Gothic church and can be seen from various parts in the city. I will write a separate blog about the church as there is quite a lot to tell including the impressive art collection. Now, I want to tell you about the other reason why this church is famous. Upon entering the church you will see a footprint in the floor. My blog is about this footprint and its legend.

The legend of the devil’s footprint.

The footprint upon entering the church.

I love legends! Now legend has it that the Devil visited the Frauenkirche while it was being built. Seeing that it was tall and windowless, he wanted it as a shrine for himself. He made a pact with the architect and promised to help build the church if the architect wouldn’t add any more windows. A few years later the Devil returned to visit the church. He was furious to see full length windows across all sides of the church. But the architect was prepared. The windows had always been there. But because of the tall pillars in front of them, the Devil hadn’t noticed the windows the first time he’d visited. In his fury, the Devil stamped his feet hard and left his footprint in the church.

The devil´s footprint in the Munich Frauenkirche

Some people in our group put their feet inside the footprint. I didn´t want to. Have a close look at the photo. It is not your average footprint in wet cement. What is also interesting are the leaf like marks at the back and on the side of the footprint.

Next time when you are in Munich go and have a look!

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    1. Hi Nava.K, I am sure you will have a lot of fun in Munich. It is a great city to visit. If you click on Munich label in the left column you will see other places that I have visited. I still have to write a lot about things and places that I have seen in Munich but all in good time.

  1. Wow! Very cool story. I love weird history / rumors like that. I think it looks like he was stomping from underneath! Scary indeed.

  2. Scary it is huh Nelieta….. I hope it's only a legend though or else it might come back to haunt the place again… Geez, good thing you didn't step on the footprint. You might be having bad luck…. The cathedral looks beautiful by the way… Thanks for sharing.:)x

    1. Hi Jorie, I must admit at first I was curious but when I saw it I didn´t like it. The church is magnificent. I will try and write a blog about it soon. I am sure it is only a legend 🙂

  3. Hope to see this footprint too but not the devil LOL, But if he/she is wearing Prada as AJ puts it, I might change my mind 🙂

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