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Ecolines, Ecolines buses, Ecolines bus to Russia


We have recently traveled from Warsaw, Poland to Kaliningrad, Russia with It was our first time travelling with them and we were very impressed with the service.

Before we traveled to Kaliningrad we compared the prices of flights and bus tickets and decided that the latter was a cheaper option.

Ecolines, Ecolines buses, Ecolines bus to Russia
Ecolines Bus travelling from Warsaw to Kaliningrad,


Ecolines is an International bus company that travels to various cities in Europe. To access the page in English and to view destinations you have to go to They have various payment options including credit cards and Paypal. We bought our tickets directly from the website and had an option to print a paperless ticket. This comes in very handy because we only had to quote the reference number before boarding.


We boarded at the Central bus station in Warsaw. A very friendly lady welcomed us and checked our documents. We both had Schengen visas and I had a Russian visa. My documents were doubled check to avoid problems at the border.

The bus has WiFi which is very nice because you can stay connected while on the road. The WiFi connection is quick. Our trip took more or less 8 hours and we were constantly updated by the driver with news on how our trip is progressing.

We made two stops of 35 minutes each and had time to stretch our legs and go to the restroom.

Crossing the border took a lot longer because we had to stop on the Polish side and again on the Russian side, where we had to get off and present our passports.

The bus has a tray for food, reclining seats and movies. The bus was comfortable, clean and in good condition.

We highly recommend travelling with Ecolines and are looking forward to be using them again in the future.

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  1. Thanks for this report Nelieta!

    I will also travel with ecolines from Warsaw to Kaliningrad next summer but I don’t have the 72h visa yet. Where did the bus stop in Kaliningrad? Because I’ve read that there are only 2 points where I can get the 72h visa.

    Many thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Richard,

      You are welcome. The bus stops at the main bus terminal in the city. Ecolines are very efficient. The only problem is the border. We waited a very long time when we crossed over to Poland. The Russian side was quick but the Polish side more time consuming.


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