Egyptian Escapes

Egyptian escapes.

Egypt is a name that’s usually accompanied by a wistful sigh.

It’s one of the most fascinating and sought-after locations in the holiday brochure. After all, this sacred land created the first great civilization and its ancient pyramids, tombs, monuments, cities and buried treasures remain a massive discovery, even by today’s standards. The Lonely Planet guide sums up the Egypt experience pretty well. In our opinion, to stand in the shadow of the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is to embark on a soul-searching experience and ponder more than 4,000 years of human strength over adversity. It’s pretty deep stuff.

Of course, an Egyptian escape isn’t all about looking back. Head off to the Red Sea and experience an entirely different soul-searching landscape. Just one glimpse at those palm-fringed beaches or rainbow-coloured coral reefs is enough to send your troubles packing, leaving nothing but beautiful memories in their wake.

At Monarch, we offer flights to both Luxor and Sharm el Sheikh, which means you can join us for an ancient voyage of discovery or, if you prefer, a beach-centric experience in one of the hottest beach resorts around. But did you know that we also offer holidays, hotels and villas there too? Perhaps not. In which case, here’s a quick rundown on our Egyptian escapes to help you kick-start your own holiday of a lifetime in this most remarkable of destinations.


If you’re planning a holiday in Egypt, you’ll find Monarch holidays in Cairo and Luxor that offer the perfect springboard to discover Egypt’s ancient sights. And if you really want to ramp up the luxury factor, why not try a Nile Cruise holiday? Imagine sailing along the lifeblood of Egypt, watching incredible landscapes slip by as you make your way towards the next thrilling adventure of discovery. You could tick off the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Karnak and Luxor, Aswan’s famous dam, and more. Or, pack your bags for a holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, the Red Sea’s bright and bubbly breach resort, and find out for yourself why this cracking spot has become quite the mecca for seaside escapes and scuba-diving adventures.


Prefer to go your own way? Then join a low-cost Monarch flight to Luxor and set off to discover some of Egypt’s world-famous ancient sights under your own steam. Or you might prefer to hop on a flight to Sharm el Sheikh and soak up the sun in the Red Sea’s most popular beach resort, combining your stay with a Monarch hotel booking. If that tickles your fancy, read on…

Hotels & Villas.

We’ve got a superb selection of hotels and villas across Egypt. We’ve got the Red Sea and Sharm el Sheikh covered, along with accommodation in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Combine your chosen destination with a Monarch flight to enjoy the utmost flexibility. A holiday to Egypt could well be the trip of a lifetime – so why not book a few nights in various locations to really get to grips with this incredible place? It’s your call, but with Monarch, you’ve got a world of choice right at your feet.

Remember, there’s still time to book a 2013 holiday – especially as Egypt holidays can be taken virtually all year round. So stop sighing wistfully over Egypt and just get there – it could be the best holiday decision you ever make.

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