How to find a female travel buddy online?

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Where to find a female travel buddy?

Many young women often ask me the following: “Where can I find a female travel buddy to accompany me on my next trip?” That is a valid question and one that I hope, not too difficult to answer. There seems to be a lot of problems on travel forums with outdated information and pages not maintained. This could make it difficult to find the right information.

Nelmitravel; Travel buddy online; Female travel buddy; Tourlina; Female solo travel;
Finding a travel buddy online to share in adventures.

Why do you need a travel buddy?

I frequently travel alone and have backpacked solo as well. To be honest, it is nice to have a like-minded female travel buddy to share a trip with. Travelling alone can be daunting at times and it can get terribly lonely. Travelling is not always smooth sailing and complicated at times.   A friend can positively contribute in many ways to make your trip memorable and realtively stress free.

Where to find a travel partner?

The first place to look is in your own circle of friends. Due to various reasons this will not always work out. People have budget constraints, work commitments or personal reasons why they are unable to travel with you.

The next step is to go online. Yes, it is a gamble on all sides but can be extremely rewarding. The great thing about going online is that you can find people who live anywhere in the world and have the same destinations as you. They key is to take your time and try to get to know as much about the person before the time. Always use common sense while you are searching and try to get to know the person before you make a final decision.

Another option is to travel in a group and meet travellers from all over the world.  The benefit of travelling in a group is that you can leave the group and continue your journey solo, if things are not working out.

How does online travel Apps work?

Travel applications for both IOS and Android are available to help you find the perfect travel partner.  If you look at the app called Tourlina, you will see how easy it is to use. Enter a trip by country and when you are planning to travel. This will provide you with a list of suitable travel buddies that are planning a similar trip for the dates and destinations provided. If you find a match, start chatting and planning your next trip.

Female travellers can connect before they travel or while travelling. The app is based on shared travel interests and the opportunity to socialize.

Safety tips from when using online travel apps.

  • Never provide personal contact information or any other details until you have chatted via the site a few times. Phone the person before you meet or connect via Whatsup video chat.
  • Always use common sense and rely on your intuition. If you feel uncomfortable, follow your instincts.
  • Inform family or friends about the meeting. If possible meet in a public place. Remember the other person might be just as nervous about you.

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