Seacat Ferry from Buenos Aires to Uruguay

Ferry crossing over to Uruguay-Seacat

Seacat Ferry service from Buenos Aires to Uruguay.

Seacat Ferrylineas is a company that offer ferry services between Argentina and Uruguay via Rio Plata. I have recently used them on a trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento.

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Seacat ferry in the harbour and at the back a Buquebus ferry

At the time of booking they were the cheapest compared to Buquebus and Colonia Express. I suggest checking their website for specials.

A couple of interesting things to take note of:

  • If you book in advance you pay the price that is advertised on the Seacat webpage. If you book a 7 days before you leave or the day when you travel you pay more.
  • To qualify for the advertised price you need to phone and provide your credit card details. Alternatively you can go into the office In Buenos Aires to pay. If you live inside Argentina you cannot pay with Rapipago,PagoFacil or bank transfer. They don`t make it easy for people who are living in other provinces.
  • A ticket from Seacat does not guarantee a trip with Seacat Company. You might be traveling with Buquebus as I have discovered.
  • Check-in counters at the terminal in Buenos Aires is not clearly marked and I had difficulty trying to figure out where to check in.
  • The website is not available in English.

Seacat and Buquebus are using the same terminal to board. When you enter the terminal at Madero you will see the check-in counters for both. There is an Information counter if you need additional information.

The Seacat ferry is smaller than the Buquebus ferry but seats are more comfortable. For safety procedures they insist that all luggae must be stored in the overhead lockers. No luggage or small bags are allowed in the passages, on your lap or stored by your feet.

The ferry is equipped with a snack bar, duty free shopping and bathrooms on board. They also ferry vehicles between Argentina and Uruguay.

Seacat offers a ferry service between Argentina and Uruguay. They are an alternative to Buquebus, land or air travel to reach Uruguay and Argentina

You need to check in 1 1/2 hours before the time and present your ticket and passport where you will be issued with a boarding pass. They travel to Buenos Aires,Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo.

Seacat is a professional ferry company and I would definitely use them again in the future.



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