Fiumicino Airport Transfer to Rome

Fiumicino Airport Transfer to Rome; taxi fare fiumicino airport to rome; Bogdan Limousine Rome; Fiumicino Aiport Rome

Fiumicino International Airport or Leonardo da Vinci Aiport

Fiumicino or Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is the largest airport in Italy and one of the busiest. If it is your first visit to this beautiful and historical city, then it is advisable to book a Fiumicino Aiport Transfer to Rome through a reputable transport company. How far is Fiumicino International Airport from Rome? The airport is situated 35 km from the city.

Fiumicino Airport Transfer to Rome; taxi fare fiumicino airport to rome; Bogdan Limousine Rome; Fiumicino Aiport Rome
Fiumicino Airport Transfer to Rome in a pre-booked limo.

how to get from leonardo da vinci airport to rome

On my last trip to Rome I decided to pre-book an airport transfer service from Fiumicino Airport. I was really concerned about the safety because my flight was arriving late at night and I didn’t want to start searching for transport and maybe get ripped off in the process. I read about the various transport options from the Airport like the Leonardo Express train and the Fiumicino Airport shuttle but travelling alone that time of night, was not an option for me.

That was when I decided to contact Bogdan Limousine Rome and book a Fiumicino Airport Transfer to Rome and my hotel. Booking online was fast and easy and I quickly got a reply, confirming my reservation.

I didn`t regret my decision. A very friendly driver was waiting for me at the arrivals area and helped me with my luggage to the car. It was a beautiful silver Mercedes E Class 220 Classic! I was pleasantly surprised when he started to point out all the touristy places close to where I was staying. He told me about interesting places to visit, recommended restaurants and gave me a rundown of the not-so-safe areas in the city. I was very grateful for the information. The car was clean and I felt safe all the time.

In fact I contacted him again when I needed transportation to Fiumicino Airport!

Advantages of booking a Fiumicino Airport transfer to Rome

This service is ideal for Business travellers, families, couples or single travellers. First of all you have the peace of mind that a driver will be waiting for you at the airport, no matter what time your flight arrives. The rates are fixed and you can budget for transport costs and know that you will not get ripped off. It is an advantage to have a knowledgeable driver who can give you advice and point you in the right direction.

Business travellers who have meetings will be transported in style and arrive refreshed and on-time for their business meeting.

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