The role of flowers in Thailand

Flowers in Thailand; Role of flowers in Thailand; Flower Markets in Thailand; Flowers and Festivals in Thailand

Flowers in Thailand and their role

Fresh flowers arrive every morning from all over Thailand at the Market in Bangkok. From there they are quickly distributed to markets in the city. It was during an early morning trip to one of the markets that I saw a woman sitting behind a table busy stringing flowers.

Flowers in Thailand; Role of flowers in Thailand; Flower Markets in Thailand; Flowers and Festivals in Thailand
The important role that flowers play in the lives of the Thai people

The table was decorated with a variety of flowers including Jasmine, Marigold flowers and what looked like roses. They looked so pretty!

Flowers and festivals in Thailand

Flowers play a very important role in the lives of Thai people and are daily used in offerings and ceremonies. This woman was stringing flowers for temple offerings. I have written before about the importance of the sacred Lotus flower but I was very surprised to see the Marigold flower playing such a big role in the worshipping ritual. I will definitely be looking at them in a different light when I see them bloom in my garden this summer.

Thai people love festivals and it is the perfect time to give flowers to special people. In the middle of January Thailand celebrates Teacher`s Day. People in teaching positions are held in high social esteem because they are believed to be bearers of Knowledge and Givers of light. Wai Kroo is a ceremony that takes place a couple of days before teacher`s day and students bow in front of them and present them with flowers.

Another important event is the Queen`s Birthday and also Mother`s Day that falls on the same day. It is no coincidence and was chosen like this by the Thai people. On this day children will give their Mom`s the pretty Jasmine flower and it symbolizes respect, forgiveness and for saying thank you.

In Koh Samui I was astounded to see the orchids growing wild on the trees. My Mother-in-Law has been nurturing a small orchid in her house and here they were growing in gardens!

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” – Buddha

Where: Bangkok, Thailand

When: March 2013

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