Flying with Air Portugal

This was the first time that we have flown with Air Portugal. The reason why we chose this airline was simple: price. They offered really good prices to and from Moscow. What was the downside? Unfortunately we had long layovers at the airports but it wasn`t a problem for us because we had time.  We flew from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon and from Lisbon to Moscow with Air Portugal.

Air Portugal
Our flight after it landed in Lisbon.
Air Portugal
Waiting for our flight to depart to Moscow.

On our way to Lisbon we flew over the equator, which is known for turbulence. The pilots handled it very well and I must admit I got scared at one point. Staff on the planes were very helpful and friendly and made our trip so much more special. They spoke English,Spanish and Portuguese. On our flight from Moscow one of the Air-hosts also spoke a little Russian.

There was inboard services were really good with excellent meals and movies. The only things that I didn`t like was the lack of leg room on our flight from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon. My husband really suffered because he has long legs. On our way back it was better. Ask for seats close to the emergency exits if possible. There is a lot more space.

A really great airline which also wet my appetite to visit Portugal.

When: May and August 2012

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