Bottled Water and free Mineral water in Russia

Mineral water in Russia

It is not often that you get something for free. So imagine my surprise when Andrey asked me if I wanted free mineral water. Normally it is expensive so how was this possible? It happens that Russia has a lot of mineral water and  in most towns you will find a special place where you can drink hot or cold water for free. You can also take your bottle and fill it up – for free!

Free mineral water in Zelenogradsk,Russia
Free mineral water in Zelenogradsk,Russia

How do you know where to find these places. Well, there are no signs so I guess the easiest way is to follow people who carry water bottles. If you look at the first photo I wouldn`t have guessed that this is a place for free mineral water.

Free mineral water in Zelenogradsk
Inside the Gazebo.

Once you are inside the Gazebo you will see a water fountain in the middle of the floor. There are various taps and you can fill your bottle up here or drink from the tap. It gets very hot and humid at the sea and this is ideal to quench the thirst. The open gazebos don`t have operating hours but you do find the ones that are only open certain hours.

Free mineral water in Svetlogorsk
Free mineral water in Svetlogorsk

One of those we found in Svetlogorsk. It was a beautiful glass building and again I wouldn`t have guessed that this is a place to drink mineral water. At the one in Svetlogorsk we had a choice between cold and hot water.

Free mineral water in Svetlogorsk,Russia
Inside the building in Svetlogorsk with Andrey and his sister

In Svetlogorsk we couldn`t help ourselves and was served by a lady behind the counter.

Free mineral water in Svetlogorsk
Getting served

After a couple of delicious glasses of ice cold mineral water we were ready to hit the road again!

Free mineral water in Svetlogorsk
Misha,Andrey and his sister Natalia.

I asked Andrey if you find free mineral water all over Russia and he wasn`t sure. We haven`t seen any places in Moscow or in St. Petersburg. But like I have said before, there are no signs and you have to know where the places are.

Where: Kaliningrad Province, Russia
When: May,June,July and August 2012

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  1. oh i definitely wouldn’t say no to free mineral water, nelieta. it’s risky to drink water that’s not distilled or purified here in the philippines. so we buy mineral water. and oh, lovely photos by the way! i do hope i could go to russia someday! so many interesting places to go that i discovered from your blog! <3 🙂

    1. That is sad to hear Irene! In South Africa we could always drink tap water but I agree in most parts of the world it is impossible. I am happy that you liked the photos 🙂 Well, if you need any info and tips for travelling to Russia, you know where to find me 🙂

    1. I was so surprised to see these places, Lisa Marie! Yes, even here in Argentina we pay a fortune for mineral water. I loved the gazebo`s! Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting!

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