Heineken Voyage Campaign will turn you into a legend

Heineken; Heineken Beer; Heineken Legends; Heineken Voyage

Heineken Voyage Campaign

Legends aren’t born, they are dropped” – Heineken

Do you want to be a legend? Well, then the question is “Where do you want to be dropped”? I bet if you ask Clint Jacobs from South Africa where he wanted to be dropped, he didn’t`t expect it to be in Poland! What on earth am I talking about? The Heineken Campaign off course!

Heineken; Heineken Beer; Heineken Legends; Heineken Voyage;
World famous Heineken Beer

Heineken Voyage

What does it feel like to be taken from your daily routine and comfort zone and then dropped in a strange place? Let`s start at the beginning. As part of the new Heineken Campaign, which I think is absolutely brilliant, Clint Jacobs from Cape Town was chosen for this adventure. Clint, a graphic designer and photographer, was abducted by a bunch of clowns, Blindfolded, bundled into a small aircraft and flown to an unknown location.

Heineken; Heineken Beer; Heineken Legends; Heineken Voyage
Where will he be dropped?

What happened next? I am not going to spoil the fun and tell you! You have to watch the video to see what happened to the poor man! The question is? Will we remember him as a legend? Heineken breweries are world famous and this fun campaign ignites the spirit of the people and join them together. Stay tuned to Youtube and other Social Networks to watch the next installment of Heineken Voyage.

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