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hikewith.me; like-minded travellers, finding travel partners, mobile application, travel applications;

Making friends on the road with Hikewith.me.

Long-term travellers are often looking forward to meet like-minded people whilst travelling. Maybe you are in a new city for a couple of days and want a walking partner to visit the local landmarks or museums with. Maybe you love to walk in your favorite neighborhood but is tired of walking alone.

hikewith.me; like-minded travellers, finding travel partners, mobile application, travel applications;
Hikewith.me is a new mobile application that will put travellers in touch with like-minded people to organize a hike or walk.Scheduling and planning a walk.

Hikewith.me is an upcoming mobile application that helps you meet like-minded people. It is proven that walking stimulates conversation and it creates an environment where you can give your undivided attention to another person. It is a fact that technology makes life easier but it can also be very impersonal at times. People do not meet up anymore because it is easier and more convenient to Skype or sms-talk on Whatsup.

The idea behind walkwith.me is to find a person on-line and then to meet in person. Often I see travellers asking on forums, if there are other travellers that will be in the same city on a specific date. Imagine you had the opportunity to schedule a meet-up, with a fellow traveller, before you depart for your holiday.

How does Hikewith.me work?

You will be requested to register a profile. When setting up your profile a couple of questions needs to be answered. No personal information will be given like home address or telephone numbers. The information provided helps the application to calculate and allocate a score to see how like-minded you are. Imagine you love going to museums and are looking for a friend to join you. Imagine you hook-up with a person that hates museums. It is a recipe for disaster.

You will also be able to see who is available right now or to schedule a meeting for an upcoming trip. This can be done by sending a request to the person and to schedule a hike. You will also be able to see on how many hikes this person has been on.

For more information about this upcoming application visit their website at hikewith.me.

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