Hostel Colonial in Colonia del Sacramento

Hostel Colonial in Colonia del Sacramento

I recently stayed at Hostel Colonial in Colonia del Sacramento. I have been to Uruguay in 2009 and was surprised to see how many hostels are now located in this beautiful colonial town.

Normally when I choose a hostel I have certain criteria:

  • The hostel must have a kitchen
  • Wi-Fi or access to Internet
  • Price and location
  • Clean

I chose this hostel because it met all the criteria and I also had a quick look at the reviews on Hostelworld. I don`t always pay a lot of attention to the reviews because some people complain about the smallest thing and are never happy no matter where they stay. However, if I see a lot of people complaining about the same thing then alarm bells go off.

From the Buquebus terminal in Colonia it was very easy to find the hostel. Hostel Colonial is in the main street and a couple of blocks from the old city. I booked into the 6 bedroom dorm but was offered a bed in the 4-bedroom dorm. The room was spacious and had a basin and small desk as well as a ventilator.

Hostel Colonial in Colonia del Sacramento
4 Bedroom dorm

All the rooms have individual entrances and access to the patio where breakfast was served from 8am to 10am. Breakfast consisted of bread and cereal with coffee or hot chocolate.

Hostel Colonial in Colonia del Sacramento
The patio where breakfast was served

The hostel has a common room fitted with a big screen TV and access to two computers. Wi-Fi is also available. I found the Internet connection very slow and the computers didn`t have USB ports which made it very difficult to download my photos.

Hostel Colonial in Colonia del Sacramento,Accommodation in Colonia del Sacramento
The common room

The hostel has two bathrooms and during my stay were always clean.

Hostel Colonial in Colonia del Sacramento
The shared bathroom at Hostel Colonial.

The kitchen disappointed a little. It isn`t spacious and gets very crowded at night when all people want to cook. It had 2 refrigerators but only one stove with 3 plates. The kitchen was equipped with the basics and pots and pans were very old. Some pots had no handles and I dropped my pasta on the floor one evening.

Hostel Colonial in Colonia del Sacramento
The kitchen

Staff were friendly and courteous and whenever I needed something they were willing to help. The hostel does have adaptors available at reception for people travelling from other countries.

Hostel Colonia
Gral.Flores 440
(entre Lavalleja y Alberto Méndez)
Colonia del Sacramento
p. +598 52 30347

When: 13 and 14 November 2012

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  1. I love seeing what accommodations in other countries are like Nelieta! Other than the kitchen (I agree with you on size) and the slow internet and outdated computers, it looks like a lovely place to stay. Thanks for sharing, and the photos are wonderful!

    1. I agree Cathy! It is always interesting to see what other countries have to offer. I enjoyed my stay at this hostel and it was good value for money. Thank you for the visit!

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