Accommodation review Hostel Pinamar, Argentina

Hostel in Pinamar,Pinamar Accommodation,Alojamiento Pinamar Nelmitravel;

Hostel Pinamar in Pinamar, Argentina.

On a recent trip to Pinamar,Argentina, I booked into Hostel Pinamar. I had a couple of reasons for choosing this particular Hostel:

  • The Location (100m from the beach);
  • The hostel was a former hotel and dates back to 1928. I love buildings with a history;
  • A fully equipped kitchen. This is very important because it is too expensive to eat in a restaurant every night;
  • Walking distance from the city centre and opportunities to walk along the shore for miles.
Hostel in Pinamar,Pinamar Accommodation,Alojamiento Pinamar Nelmitravel;
Hostel Pinamar, Argentina

Services at Hostel Pinamar.

The hostel did not disappoint. What made my stay even more recommendable was the friendly staff. Julia, the Manager speaks English, Spanish and French. She is very friendly and whenever I needed something she was willing to help and to get me the information if she didn’t have it available.

The hostel has accommodation for 81 people and there is enough space for people to cook, enjoy the view from the patio or to make a barbecue.

Hostel in Pinamar,Pinamar Accommodation,Alojamiento Pinamar Nelmitravel;
A spacious kitchen where you can cook.

Rooms are comfortable, spacious and the beds are new. The 6 bedroom dorm has a sea view and the sunrises are breathtaking.

Parts of the hostel was still under construction and the bathrooms were not completed yet.

Hostel Pinamar 6 bedroom dorm
6 bedroom dorm
Hostel Pinamar
The dining room early morning

I am planning a trip in March 2017 to Pinamar and will return to the same hostel. I hope they still offer the same services.

How to get to Hostel Pinamar from the bus terminal?

I had difficulty finding the hostel. I think mainly because I have no sense of direction and also because somebody at the Bus Terminal  gave me the wrong directions.

From the main Bus Terminal take the local bus Montemar to Playa La Escondida or Valeria del Mar. From the bus stop turn left and walk on the dirt road. Pass the Beach sign on your left and the hostel is directly in front of you.

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  1. Hi Andy, yes me too! I love places with a history. Pinamar is such a popular holiday destination and all you see is modern buildings. It is so good to see when people restore older buildings. It is not an easy process at all and very costly. I have noticed the lack of electricity points. You will be surprised with how many electronic things we are travelling. It is scary!Thank you for visiting Andy and have a great weekend!

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