Istenburg Castle in Chernyakhovsk

Istenburg Castle, Konigsberg, Kaliningrad, Chernyakhovsk, Knights of Teutonic

Istenburg Castle in Chernyakhovsk.

The Istenburg Castle in Chernyakhovsk, is one of 40 castles that were built by the Germans in the time of Prussia. Today only picturesque ruins are left.

The castle is situated in the center of the town and luckily parts of the north section survived and is now a museum.  The Istenburg castle is a popular tourist attraction in the Kaliningrad Province in Russia.

Istenburg Castle, Konigsberg, Kaliningrad, Chernyakhovsk, Knights of Teutonic
The ruins of the Istenburg Castle.

What makes the Istenburg Castle special?

It has a cultural center that is open from May to October, where you can take a historical journey through time. There is a museum, art gallery and dungeons. Encounter engravers, master potters and woodcarvers on this medieval journey. See young knights and warriors in action as they entertain the visitors with their skills. Afterwards a show can be watched at the Theater of Fire.

What does Istenburg mean?

“Inster” was the word used in the Baltic Prussian and was the name of the river close to the castle. Translated it means “flowing”.

The word ‘burg’ means “castle” in German.

History of the Istenburg Castle.

1275 – The Knights of Teutonic leaves for Nadrovia. They used a fortress called Nettinen (Today it is called Krasnaja Gorka) as a base for attacks and defense.

1311 – The Teutonic Knights set up a camp on the high banks of the Angrapa River close to where it flows into the Inster river.

1337 – A brick castle was built and most of the construction work was completed in 1347. It was named Istenburg Castle.

14th and 15th centuries – The castle became an important military base as it was constantly threatened by enemy attacks.

1643 to 1647 – Queen Maria Eeonara from Sweden spent time here after her husband King Gustaw Adolf died. She had to leave Sweden due to a conflict with her daughter, Queen Christina.

1689 – The famous Anchen von Tarau, died and was buried here.

1812 – Napoleon Bonaparte visited the Castle when he was on his way to Russia.

1814 – Elizabeth Alexeievna, wife of Tzar Alexander I stayed here.

Hope remains for Chernyakhovsk.

The town of Chernyakhovsk remains hopeful that one day the castle will be restored to it`s former glory.

Istenburg Castle, Konigsberg, Kaliningrad, Chernyakhovsk, Knights of Teutonic
Chernyakhovsk in the Kaliningrad Province.

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