Kampa Island is Prague’s magical answer to Venice

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Kampa Island is Prague’s magical answer to Venice.

Kampa Island is called “The Venice” of Prague. It is a magical place  and missed by many tourists. Prague has magnificent and unforgettable sites and this place is easy to miss.  At Charles Bridge, turn off from the Lessrer Town or Malá Strana and you will see it there.

The history of Kampa Island and the Devil’s stream.

The island is artificial island and separated from the Lesser Town.  It is separated by an artificial millrace or called the Devil’s stream (Čertovka).  The Devil’s stream, created in the 12th century, changed shape over the centuries.  Rubble taken there from the fire of Malá Strana and Hradčany in 1541, gave the island it’s current shape.

Originally, there was a small sandy island with gardens, a vineyard and a mill.

The Devil’s stream is an unusual name. Where did it originate from?

A wicked lady lived in a house called the House of the Seven Devils.  She had a sharp tongue and a terrible temper. She scared everybody and did her house’s name credit.  Her name got associated with the Devil’s stream.

The Medieval Times and Kampa Island.

In the medieval times, Kampa Island consisted of gardens. The first buidlings that appeared here were the homes of bricklayers, stonemasons and carpenters. They kept an eye on Charles Bridge to ensure it stays in tip-top condition.

Kampa island is often assocated with pottery, because traditional pottery markets took place here.

Why Nelmitravel recommend a visit to Kampa Island when in Prague?

It is beyond beautiful and a very romantic place to walk. The view from Charles Bridge is spectacular. Most impressive is a walk among the banks of the island. Walk among the cobbled stone streets and admire the architecture. Find a restaurant and drink a beer at the banks of the Vlatva river. Enjoy the  romantic atmosphere of the Venice of Prague.

What can be seen on Kampa Island?

There is a lot to see and do on Kampa island. Here is a short list of all the places to visit:

  • Kampa Museum;
  • Lennon Wall;
  • David Černý’s Giant Crawling Babies;
David Černý’s Giant Crawling Babies; Kampa Island Prague; Nelmitravel; Kampa Island History; Sightseeing in Prague; Places to visit in Prague;
David Černý’s Giant Crawling Babies
  • Werich Villa;
  • Picture of the Virgin Mary near the bridge;
  • Grand Priory Mill Wheel;
  • Lichtenstein Palace.


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